Using Cocaine at 17: how much should I snort ?

2021.12.05 15:18 lilnemli Using Cocaine at 17: how much should I snort ?

How much g do you think I should be snorting considering I'm 17 ? I really love the high of cocaine but I don't want to harm myself either...
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2021.12.05 15:18 Nerd_Alert_91 "I really like those overalls'

I'm watching S5E10 (The Window), and I just noticed that when Maggie kissed Adam (her future husband) for the first time in her front yard he was wearing overalls. This is why she says, "I really like those overalls" to Barney when he is trying to get laid wearing Marshall's overalls.
The writing in this show man
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2021.12.05 15:18 HaXxXoVtotheZ New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.12.05 15:18 glittrfrtz Should I just wait it out or go to urgent care/er

Fiancé: male Age 28 Weigh 135 Takes nasacort daily
Has asthma, chronic sinusitis, peanut allergies, bad pollen allergies (can’t eat most fruit/veggies)
He sliced his finger on a tape measure. At first it didn’t look so bad more like a paper cut. But then after 5 mins it is still bleeding and after he finally let me look at it there’s a flap from the sidewall of his nail down to the middle of the base/cuticle area. Set a timer for three more minutes and it’s still bleeding without pressure. Should we just bandage it up tight or go to get it looked at?
He isn’t faint or anything. Just embarrassed and has a bloody finger more than anything.
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2021.12.05 15:18 DanielJohnnn ASUS 4k with xbox series x

Hello all. Please help. Iv just bought the asus tuf vg289Q1a. It's 4k with HDR10 AMD freesync and all that, it's a really great monitor, currently using on my xbox series x. However I'm having a issue and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. When I'm on the dashboard of the xbox, I can change the visual settings of the monitor but as soon as I enter a game the settings of the monitor automatically revert back to what it was originally and I can no longer change the settings until I exit the game and return to the dashboard. Can anyone please help me or advise me what to do.
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2021.12.05 15:18 5uperAgentAlex Weapon Tierlist

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2021.12.05 15:18 KeelerTree Hemoglobin vs High Ferritin

Since awaiting diagnosis (C282Y/H63D) and now appointment with a phlebotomist, I've had 3 normal blood donations and I've noticed my hemoglobin has dropped from 16.2g/dL to 14.7 and now 13.7. Apparently 13g/dL is the limit for giving blood, so if I keep moving at this rate, at my next blood donation I could be under 13g/dL. When my hemoglobin was 16.2g/dL, my ferritin was over 1,000 and I doubt 3 donations have significantly lowered my ferritin, but what kind of a correlation is there between the two. I am getting another blood test to see my new ferritin levels, but I may need to raise my hemoglobin for future donations, are there any non-iron supplements I can take?
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2021.12.05 15:18 Blue_Allen 自由派男天天喊反对阶级压迫,可性别就是最大的阶级

人类历史上最持久、最大规模、最残忍,也最被忽视的阶级压迫 -- 性别压迫


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2021.12.05 15:18 daniel0tx Just gave this one away

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2021.12.05 15:18 MccrumsSynaat $MFUEL | Martian Fuel Token|🔥 Whitelist Presale LIVE in 24 Hours💎| Let’s ignite the Entertainment Industry💸

Martian Fuel is the first deflationary token for the entertainment industry that fuels funding for content creators in film, gaming and music globally.
What is MFuel?
Martian Fuel is a deflationary token for the entertainment industry that fuels funding for content creators in film, gaming and music industry, globally. Martian Fuel offers opportunities for developing and sharing unlimited creativity, by utilising cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to facilitate transparency. Martian Fuel is a deflationary BEP-20 token which operates on the Binance Smart Chain. Martian Fuel is a community centric initiative that includes the wishes of the community regarding charity selection. Initial funding will be directed to providing grants to projects in the film, music and gaming sector of the entertainment industry. As a result, we will be boosting and enhancing the film industry in terms of quality, professionalism and putting in place a proper infrastructure . Funds will be provided to specific geographical regions,to small and medium sized business endeavors, festivals and academies etc., whose projects suffered financially during the Covid-19 crisis.
Presale Information: To participate the whitelisting process, join the Telegram and check out the ways to win!
Whitelist Presale till Sunday midnight 23:59. Hardcap 180k Minimum Contribution: 1 BUSD Max Contribution: 1500 BUSD
Live in 24 hours💸
Public sale start Monday 00:01 till Tuesday 17:00. Hardcap 100k Minimum Contribution: 1 BUSD Max Contribution: 800 BUSD
Public sale will be announced after the presale.
Other important information:
• 1 trillion supply ✅
• Earn tokens - Passive income by holding MFuel tokens via staking ✅
• Burn tokens - A portion of the funds in MFuel will be burnt bi-weekly. ✅
• Doxxed team ✅
• Strong tokenomics ✅
🧁 Pancakeswap:
🔓 Liquidity Locked:
🔓 Ownership Renounced:
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2021.12.05 15:18 Marius___1996 25m. Is my chin weak or is my nose just too big? Im fine with my front, but i think look weird from the side.

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2021.12.05 15:18 ContentForager2 Happy Birthday Stefon Diggs (/r/buffalobills)

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2021.12.05 15:18 Thehecknomancer bigweld wednesday(sunday)

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2021.12.05 15:18 ProudHighway3614 Title

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2021.12.05 15:18 Deep_Fry_Daddy What's in your travel kit?

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2021.12.05 15:18 TweakinOnMeth Satisfaction of progress 🙏 these buds are gonna be nice.

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2021.12.05 15:18 Jerry43302 Auto Mapping Mod?

Does such mod exist? Would be interesting to have this to keep from right triggering 30-40 times a route.
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2021.12.05 15:18 Keyto3 How do you feel about today’s map winner?

View Poll
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2021.12.05 15:18 Martin_Bachler Joe Rogan Wrong on Rittenhouse

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2021.12.05 15:18 zyzz123456789 1mm Dermaroller for Hairline Regrowth

What do you recommend to apply on the hairline after dermarolling (rosemary oil; peppermint oil etc.)? And when should i apply it? Directly after the treatment or before? Hope you can help me out 🤙
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2021.12.05 15:18 AnimeFanGirl868 Trying to make my Switch Sailor Moon themed. Anyone have any suggestions?

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2021.12.05 15:17 Unlikely-Animator-85 If you could use quick-saves IRL, where would you need to use them?

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2021.12.05 15:17 tfgust Can You Link a Midi Keyboard to the Undo Button?

Is there a way to link your midi keyboard to the undo button?
What about the piano roll's select button?
I'm trying to optimize my workflow on my midi keyboard, but FL Studio really, really wants to make me switch between 2 different keyboards as frequently as possible.
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2021.12.05 15:17 Caenobith Theory: Yujiro consider as woman anything that is under the power level of the “main cast”.

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2021.12.05 15:17 stewarthenrysmith89 which company makes proper metal miniature figures/

Just wondering which company out there makes proper metal minis? i had a bad experience with Bolt Action metals with poor detail, bent parts, and heavy flash and metal bits; their plastic figures especially the newer sets have amazing details. I know theirs Artizan design, Empress Miniatures, Offensive Miniatures, Foundry.
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