ndf6b 88hhz 2skfe t2fn6 yr5in bbr56 ye95a b48k9 y9s7e zn654 3kft2 yz3an yyttn tyds7 ba7t8 aek79 dzkie 96436 dhr24 5ei72 f93bt This picture reminds me of a quote “Everything the light touches, is our kingdom” |

This picture reminds me of a quote “Everything the light touches, is our kingdom”

2021.12.05 13:16 joedirt9322 This picture reminds me of a quote “Everything the light touches, is our kingdom”

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2021.12.05 13:16 kiiidddooo Durham, the city where gunshots in the middle of the night concerns people over the shooters sleep schedule

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2021.12.05 13:16 UltimateDiscordMod [SP] Two rivals eventually fall in love together

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2021.12.05 13:16 peobliycte Forever stable discs?

Are there discs that, no matter how much they beat in, never become understable?
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2021.12.05 13:16 Charming_Seducer Victimization ruins entire cultures/ethnic backgrounds and is celebrated in the media which you know are rotten to the core. It grinds my gears because it will drown our society in safe zone garbage and other stupid concepts.

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2021.12.05 13:16 jerrydacosta what artists/songs can you tell are inspired by abel?

I was thinking yesterday about somewhat mainstream artists/songs you can clearly tell are inspired by the weeknd. i came up with a few examples but want to see what you all say and think
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2021.12.05 13:16 Qtip533 Who is the sexiest person on your fantasy roster?

Mine is probably Clint Capela. He reminds me of a chunky Sam Obisanya and I'm all about it. Runner-up would probably be Evan Peters twin Josh Giddey.
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2021.12.05 13:16 apesusi Why are the flowers on my begonia Rex different from each other? Some have this 3 sided formation behind the flowers and some don't.

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2021.12.05 13:16 forsuresherman My favorites of 2021: half hip hop, half funk, all released this year

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2021.12.05 13:16 SnooCats4929 [actives] 16 days in fruiting conditions only one pin, should I be worried check comments for details

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2021.12.05 13:16 ArtsyFellow Hyped for the new movie!!

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2021.12.05 13:16 A-Sneaky-Prawn [PS4] H: 8 3* Scrip Weapons W: 800 caps or 10 flux per one

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2021.12.05 13:16 kristianroberts CanaryX Airdrop - 2000 tokens

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2021.12.05 13:16 RaZdoT Mx linux taking too much ram?

When I had mx linux on arch, it used around 500 mb of ram, but when I just installed mx linux, it is taking more than 800 mb for me. Is there a way to reduce it? I am still new to the debian system so I am not too sure on what to disable when the system first starts up.
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2021.12.05 13:16 RPhoenixFlight 2 Months of Art + Scrapped Material

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2021.12.05 13:16 stankmanly ‘Super invader’ monster goldfish are taking over Hamilton stormwater ponds by the thousands

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2021.12.05 13:16 daddy_no_pls BoA going after the little guy now, they're desperate.

A person I know that is very close to me is being sued by BoA due to a very small credit card default from about a year ago. We're talking a card with a $500 limit. I have a card with a different bank that defaulted years ago worth much more than that and they haven't even called me. The fact that BoA is chasing after anyone that owes them even the smallest amount of money shows that they're trying as hard as they can, going as far as to take people to court, to pool their cash as fast as possible. They even pushed to fast-track the hearing date, which gave this person very little time to prepare.
This is definitely a trust me bro situation, but I'd like 5o get thoughts on this. Am I drawing the conclusion I want, or is this a far more common occurrence than I realize?
Also where'd the Shit DD flair go?
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2021.12.05 13:16 Louyas Attack on r/titanfolk trailer

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2021.12.05 13:16 HockeyMod Game Thread: San Jose Sharks (13-10-1) at Columbus Blue Jackets (12-10-0) - 05 Dec 2021 - 03:00PM PST

San Jose Sharks (13-10-1) at Columbus Blue Jackets (12-10-0) Nationwide Arena Thread Notes: Posting and User Conduct Guidelines
Visitors Guide
2021-22 Regular Season Ticket Exchange
/SanJoseSharks Discord
03:00PM 04:00PM 05:00PM 06:00PM 07:00PM
Listen SJS - CBJ
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
Other-Home Preview - Boxscore - Recap
GameCenter On NHL.com
Season Series
Date Away Home Time Network/Result
05 Dec 2021 06:00PM EST BSOH, NBCSCA
19 Apr 2022 07:30PM PDT NBCSCA, BSOH
Projected Lineups
Left Center Right Left Center Right
Oliver Bjorkstrand Boone Jenner Jakub Voracek Timo Meier Logan Couture Jonathan Dahlen
Gustav Nyquist Cole Sillinger Max Domi Alexander Barabanov Tomas Hertl Noah Gregor
Eric Robinson Sean Kuraly Alexandre Texier Matthew Nieto Nick Bonino Andrew Cogliano
Yegor Chinakhov Justin Danforth Gregory Hofmann Jasper Weatherby Lane Pederson Kevin Labanc
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Zach Werenski Jake Bean Mario Ferraro Brent Burns
Vladislav Gavrikov Andrew Peeke Jacob Middleton Erik Karlsson
Gavin Bayreuther Adam Boqvist Marc-Edouard Vlasic Nicolas Meloche
Goalies Goalies
Daniil Tarasov Adin Hill
Elvis Merzlikins James Reimer
Player Injury Date Status
Joonas Korpisalo Illness 02 Dec 2021 Day-to-Day
Patrik Laine Oblique 04 Nov 2021 Week-to-Week
Dean Kukan Wrist 26 Oct 2021 Day-to-Day
Nathan Gerbe Hip 04 Sep 2021 Indefinitely
-- -- -- -- --
Jonah Gadjovich Lower body 02 Dec 2021 Day-To-Day
Nikolai Knyzhov Lower body 10 Oct 2021 Indefinitely
Team Stats
Blue Jackets 22 12 10 0 24 54.5 3.0909 3.22727 20.3 84.1 29.54545 34.40909 50.8
Sharks 24 13 10 1 27 56.2 2.58333 2.54166 16.9 87.0 28.625 29.91666 52.4
Team Leaders
Stat Player Value Player Value
G Boone Jenner 11 Timo Meier 11
A Jakub Voracek 17 Timo Meier 13
P Oliver Bjorkstrand 19 Timo Meier 24
+/- Vladislav Gavrikov 8 Timo Meier 12
PIM Cole Sillinger 17 Jacob Middleton 33
TOI Zach Werenski 26:12 Brent Burns 26:21
Goalie Breakdown
Elvis Merzlikins 13 13 9 4 0 1 2.61 0.92326
Joonas Korpisalo 8 7 3 4 0 0 3.95 0.88475
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
James Reimer 14 13 8 4 1 1 2.10 0.93366
Adin Hill 12 11 5 6 0 1 2.57 0.90819
In-Game Updates submitted by HockeyMod to SanJoseSharks [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:16 helloagainhithere Are the following things widely believed about women and ageing?:

That women become invisible with age, mostly to men
That men prefer younger women
That women are obsessed with looking younger and fear ageing and jealous of younger women
That society is obsessed with youth in women and sees younger women as superior, even older women themselves see them in that way
That beauty is all about how much younger you look
That men cheat and leave their wives for younger women and that rich men will want younger women.
How do women accept all these things without feeling depressed? Why do they instead cater to it all? Is it so ingrained?
Am I abnormal for finding it extremely depressing to be surrounded by people who think this way and are like this? To be deoressed and unable to associate with people or be happy in life due to a widespread societal issue that I cannot change?
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2021.12.05 13:16 Ideal-fox Now they only need the social credit system...

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2021.12.05 13:16 TechnicalStyle3577 EXTREMELY into relocation astrology and just wanted to know if my move to the northeast was supported. Sun squares Asc. Jupiter squares. I would be living near both lines, but are does lines borderline negative. Original chart(1st image) Relocation (2nd)

EXTREMELY into relocation astrology and just wanted to know if my move to the northeast was supported. Sun squares Asc. Jupiter squares. I would be living near both lines, but are does lines borderline negative. Original chart(1st image) Relocation (2nd) submitted by TechnicalStyle3577 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:16 Obduran Nether Portal Linking Hinky?

So I have a nether portal at -14 135 -60 in my overworld. When I went through it created a portal at 14, 94, -24. World Seed: 5876129909347404294
All cool, except when I went back through it creates, sometimes but not always, a portal 200 or so blocks away in the overworld.
I know this can happen when a portal in the nether can't form at matching coords due to obstructions and has to choose a spot that is as near as possible. My problem is that -2 76 -9, where by the overworld coords /8 system the portal should have originally created in the nether, is an area that is not obstructed in any way. clear for many blocks in every direction.
I tried breaking the nether portal and recreating it from the overworld side and it created in basically the same place (a few blocks different but right next to where it created the first time).
I have made a portal at -2 76 -9 manually and the linking is working fine. I'm wondering if this is a bug for the tracker or does some older wiser soul in the community know why this might happen otherwise?
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2021.12.05 13:16 MeatyJuicyBulgyThing hewp

what are some of the most popular gachas rn with some space for f2p enjoyers?preferably global but kjp can do as well. (except for stinky genshin)
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2021.12.05 13:16 marcinguy How to Justify ISO/CISO or similar position in global SaaS SMB?

Looking for an advice.
We are a 500 SMB running a service Saas globally. (ca. 100 are engineering, rest is product, design, Customer care etc)
Until now we have a setup of a Security Team in Engineering. There was a Head of Information Security with IT Security team. We have syncs with Legal and Fraud, including CTO, Security Champions and Product.
New CTO is now in place.
Seems he wants to remove IT Sec from engineering. Not sure what other to expect.
IT sec in engineering had, in my opinion many advantages (security engineering, privacy engineering, seeing things first hand, IR etc) . Still I always push for it to expand and include engineering as a one component, along with catching IT Security topics across whole company.
How would you defend need for Head of Information Securitu, Information Security Officer or CISO? Or what is your similar setup or what would you recommend?
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