k3kkb nsf4e dde5a nb85k 5ftr2 5442y f9hyk i85t2 8z5dr 5ts3k 6stk8 fe296 he6t4 e529k k79da n8y6z 72dra azf3z b857s tbifa zy8y2 What genre do these songs fall under? More concerned with the first one |

What genre do these songs fall under? More concerned with the first one

2021.12.05 14:38 iftttdummyaccount What genre do these songs fall under? More concerned with the first one

Martin Solveig - Get Away from You
Martin Solveig - Rejection
I know Solveig does electronic music but these two sound a lot different from what he usually does. Are they pop? (What even is "pop")?
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2021.12.05 14:38 NotQuiteSoUndefeated Typical Belgian products to send to a friend abroad

I've got some English friends I've met online and have been talking to for years now. I'd like to send them a package with all sorts of nice Belgian products, to give them a bit of a taste of our culture. All I can think of that's fitted to be sent abroad is beer, speculoos and cheese.
What other products would be brilliant to send to international friends? Thanks!
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2021.12.05 14:38 Ordinary_L Im from America i wanted to ask you guys what would be a good build for a 1000 dollars?

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2021.12.05 14:38 objctvpro Always wanted to warm-up LIP using Vermont VCDrive

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2021.12.05 14:38 MadSkillsMadison 278

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2021.12.05 14:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.newson6.com/story/61aceed5dac6980c1be7f386/former-us-senator-presidential-nominee-bob-dole-dies-at-98

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2021.12.05 14:38 soutouprva Brainwavz earcups for the Virtuoso SE and EQ settings!

Hey, yall! I seen a post from about 10 months ago for the Brainwavz earcups. I picked up the red ⠀perforated ones! I was just interesting for those who have them. What are your EQ settings like? My original EQ sounds worse with these new cups. Looking to see what you folks had set. https://preview.redd.it/ke3ktfuxne361.jpg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=bb9f68b84c528ece113dab98c2bb61c55a33b0ce
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2021.12.05 14:38 jsnw777 Mango Smile by Mephisto Genetics first 7 pics is a dark pheno last 3 pics is from another Mango Smile plant

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2021.12.05 14:38 lape_kanape Label only said philodendron erubescens, would like to find out a more precise name. Thank you ❤️

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2021.12.05 14:38 Ancient_Ganache793 Elon

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2021.12.05 14:38 Mo_Coffee_Plz This would make a great start of a chase scene. | GRII.

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2021.12.05 14:38 Steamworks1st Video i found on youtube watch it if u want it explains a lot of stuff/misconceptions people have in Islam

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2021.12.05 14:38 sxrxh_02 Kody not even hugging Ysabel before her surgery is BS

I understand that this was filmed summer 2020 and there was still so much unknown about COVID and all that, but one hug before your child goes into major surgery should be okay. This whole episode is Kody talking about his “regret” and his “changing family culture” like it’s not all his fault. Hug your child. Don’t act like your wife is crazy for wanting to go back to her home state instead of the community you moved to on a whim. Stop looking for excuses to not see anyone but your favorite wife.
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2021.12.05 14:38 henrikolofkarlsson The Learning System: A Decentralized Alternative to Education

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2021.12.05 14:38 vinecrewxz What are your thoughts on NASDAQ 100?

I wanna invest in some £EQQQ is it worth it?
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2021.12.05 14:38 TheGreatestManOnline Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunpredictable!

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2021.12.05 14:38 SallySmokes DFS: Best Plays- Week 13 (Good luck and have fun) :)

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2021.12.05 14:38 hs1092 Hi

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2021.12.05 14:38 JuegaGanador Pronóstico: Cagliari vs Torino FC, lunes 6 de diciembre

En el césped del Sardegna Arena estará rodando la pelota esta tarde para bajarle la Santamaría a la jornada 16 de la Serie A del fútbol italiano con el encuentro que afrontarán las oncenas del Cagliari y Torino FC.
Los locales están en la penúltima casilla del campeonato con nueve puntos, vienen de empatar sin goles en su visita al Hellas Verona. Mientras que los dirigidos por Ivan Juric son decimoterceros con 18 unidades, en su última presentación igualaron 2-2 contra el Empoli.
Pronóstico: Los dos equipos han tenido una temporada hasta ahora muy pobre a nivel defensivo, se caracterizan por encajar muchos goles por partido, sin embargo, de cara al arco rival han sido eficientes, lo que nos permite creer que será un duelo bastante abierto.
Dato: En cuatro de los últimos cinco enfrentamientos los dos convirtieron.
Ambos anotan.
Picks y pronósticos deportivos en todas sus esferas, gracias al equipo de profesionales más completo de Sudamérica.
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2021.12.05 14:38 RLCD-Bot [Tyranno GXT] [Grey Neural Network] [Black Zowie: Infinite]

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2021.12.05 14:38 Centipedefang_of_SC Here’s my Baby evilface design! (Aka Brambleclaw)

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2021.12.05 14:38 Chino_Blanco “…know the content in these essays like you know the back of your hand.” One former bishop has embarked on a course of following Melvin’s advice and actually teaching the Gospel Topic Essays to chapel Mormons. The over/under is at 3 lessons before this teacher is forcibly retired. Place your bets.

“…know the content in these essays like you know the back of your hand.” One former bishop has embarked on a course of following Melvin’s advice and actually teaching the Gospel Topic Essays to chapel Mormons. The oveunder is at 3 lessons before this teacher is forcibly retired. Place your bets. submitted by Chino_Blanco to exmormon [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 14:38 baldbyte Factorio running on a Raspberry pi 4

Factorio running on a Raspberry pi 4 I searched if someone has tried to run factorio on a raspberry pi, and i didn't find anything. So I embarked on the adventure to try to run factorio with box86 & box64.
First i tried to run factorio with a raspberry pi 3B, with the latest build for x86 linux (factorio 0.14.23). But with only 1GB of ram the game didn't even launch. Now i've tried with a rpi4 with 4GB. I installed the latest 64bit os version of raspbian and box64 and tried again with 0.14.23. Result:
0.14.23 running on a rpi4 with box64
I had to run this with low vram and low effects but even so the fps is low as expected. Then i tried with 1.1 but it has a openGL error and it doesn't even load. (Probably because openGL version is 2.1). So i tried with two version higher (0.16.51). It loads perfectly, i changed graphics to be as low as possible with normal resolution for sprites:
0.16.51 running on a rpi4 with box64
With this version fps are very good but never stable on 60fps (and if you zoom out it goes to 35fps). So, this version is more or less playable searched for a map with a mega base to test how well/bad it works, then i found this website: https://mulark.github.io/test-index.html. I grabbed the test map: "test-000006" and this is the result:

0.16.51 map test-000006 by Mulark
Ups averages on 10.8. After this i tried to solve the issue with factorio 1.1 not opening.
After a bunch of test i put MESA driver to render using software only (enviroment variable LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=true) and with this IT WORKS. But of course using software rendering is Veeeery slow.
1.1 simple map using software rendering
A healthy 9fps. I don't recommend playing like this. If anyone nows if the tehre is a driver that is compatible with openGL 4.0, please tell me how. The only thing i did was running it with software rendering and overriding the version to 4.0 (wich crash the game when you try to open a map).
I tested a headless server with the same map and it works with box64; But it takes 2-3mins to load/save the map and in between the server saves the map, the client desyncs with the server. Maybe it will work with a tiny map, but not with a regular 9-10MB save.
All screencaps: https://imgur.com/a/1Z1P3ZK
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2021.12.05 14:38 quetzalv2 Looking Funky! (Fuzzlogik on pixiv)

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2021.12.05 14:38 StarFuryG7 Former Senator Bob Dole dead at 98

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