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Beef with Silicon Valley?

2021.12.05 14:48 taaiwa Beef with Silicon Valley?

Have noticed many Mormons seem to have a beef with Silicon Valley. Mormons in tech will say they want to work / start a company anywhere but SF.
My suspicion is they’re salty about how SV investor have long ignored Utah companies.
But anyway…
Why is this?
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2021.12.05 14:47 sammulligan Sam Mulligan - Zombie Cats [indie-rock/chiptune] [2021] (I made this!)

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2021.12.05 14:47 repairmanjack2020 Reddit regularly runs out of server space on the weekend causing this site to give a busy signal to users. What other companies regularly run out of product or otherwise are run incompetently?

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2021.12.05 14:47 CallMeCaptainOrSir Why Hal wants to lower the luxury tax

I'm just trying to make sense of it here, at least without just simply calling him a cheap bastard who is making his father spin in his coffin at a rate only thought possible with spider tack.
For the sake of simplicity, say right now, the luxury tax is 200m. If a player named Schmarlos Schmorrea was looking for a deal in the neighborhood of 35m/year, their contract would take up 17.5% of the luxury tax threshold, meaning the team could operate with the other 82.5% as they needed. Now, say the luxury tax was lowered to 150m, Mr. Schmorrea would now take up 23.33(repeating of course)% of the luxury tax threshold, meaning teams could only operate with 76.66(already made the joke, wasn't funny the first time)% of the tax threshold. In order to make that salary closer to that 17.5% mark, Schmarlos would now be looking for a deal in the range of 27m a year. Taking up a smaller percentage of the threshold would, in theory, allow the team to spend more on complimentary players to surround Schmarlos.
In short, Hal is in favor of driving down the price of free agents as a whole, which shouldn't be that surprising considering his is a cheap bastard who is making his father spin in his coffin at a rate only thought possible with spider tack.
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2021.12.05 14:47 cantorofleng The Jewel of bygone Orthe

Leng walked through the nameless battlefield of an unknown age.
People of taste and decency did not make their tourism on battlefields. Merchants of ill repute, and scavengers of vainglorious boasting had long since looted the field clean. The years, partnered with vultures had ground uniform, flesh and bone into mud and dust.
Leng was not especially a man of taste and decency. He did not come to this field in expectation of forgotten weaponry or historical gewgaws. He came to remember.
More accurately, he decided to indulge in memory. Even if the farmer had been more willing with his dilapidated truck, the seraph was not with this road. It had gone from a marvel of engineering to a snarl of broken tarmac, dirt and rock. The farmer, sour with the knowledge of his time-sensitive cargo, said he was going to take the long path to Hemis and its market. Leng was hence, free to make a charitable donation in fuel saving by walking wherever he damn pleased.
Whatever mysterious vermin which dug out the road was most likely still alive. Leng had realized this in his slow way as he headed southward. He had originally ventured into the woods, looking for a woodsman's path or stream to guide his way. He had found neither, and counted himself lucky his armored steps did not invite the fatal rumblings of the graveworm as he laid eyes on the field ahead.
Using his helmet’s magnified vision, he gathered that the field was too vast for him to cross in the daylight , that he would be spending the night in open terrain. The Aetec satmaps did not have this location charted, as often was the way of history. He chose to consult his memory instead.
He walked across the flatland, imagining that his memory was a librarian seeking some tome or scroll in the halls of his mind. Surly must be that old man with ugly glasses and moth-eaten clothing, who has passed beyond curiosity in the presence of knowledge, and merely wanted the annoying intrusion of this impetuous patron to be gone, a rite of exorcism best done with shushing, stamps of due date, and dire warnings of fines.
The field was not as barren as he had thought. Here and there, where the effluvia of war had not poisoned the earth, wild plants grew, almost looking wholesome in comparison of the landscape. He noticed roses nested in ivy, gone wild with the years. Here and there were lilies and chrysanthemums.
This place was a garden of wild providence.
No, this place was a large town, else a city forgotten. He began to notice the bare stubs of broken foundations, patterned in avenues. The broken, rusting hulks of armored vehicles could not disguise the layout of suburban housing. Broken brickwork and shards of marble further confirmed his suspicions.
The Aetec satmap awoke from its self-appointed slumber, and droned that another road was detected ahead. Conditions good. In 6 hours, make a right turn onto highway Fen-9-3.
The librarian of memory had completed his search as well. This was bygone Orthe, one of the cities fallen to the Unforgiven.
In his time of service, the Knights of Leng had fought many campaigns, some successful, some failures, all of them furtive. This one was before his time.
The story went that wormriders had been tasked by some fell master to take the city of Orthe, better to subjugate the supplies lines of the Knights in the region. Many worms and their slave-riders had fallen to blade and claw and muscle and bullet, but graveworms gathered strength from the bodies of the dead. Graveworms were not choosy eaters.
So the knights and their auxilla troops fought and fell here, bringing operations to a close as the vanguard made yet another retreat. There was after all, only so much that “modern” weapons and training can do to inhuman foes.
Leng, standing in the middle of a once-street, made the salute of his order. Head bowed, right fist over heart, one knee bent. If even a single, unworthy knight remains, no warrior’s passing shall be left unmourned.
Ahead was a fountain, perhaps once part of a park or some plaza. The sun, already precarious on the horizon, began to dip even lower. It was time to settle in for the evening.
He decided to make his camp near a patch of relatively bare dirt. Shadows to hide your presence, dry ground to sleep on, and a place downwind to shit.
String up the last of his traps, he noticed the flag. The remains of a solider laid at hand.
The soldier no longer had armor or uniform for identification, no way for Leng to distinguish their gender. Their midsection and spine have been pulverized. Their service weapon long since in the hands of another. Yet the soldier’s skeletal hand was outstretched over the mound of dirt upon which the flag stands.
First, a grave.
It was night when he finally climbed out of the six-foot-deep pit. With an apology, he gently rolled the soldier into the earth, and began to cover the remains using his entrenching tool.
By the time Leng was done, fireflies had filled the park. He realized that he had not set up the water distiller, had not prepared his sleeping place with flattening and insect repellent. There was no stove ready with esprit for food and drink, and cleaning himself and his armor in the dark was still a bitch.
Despite all the slackness and lassitude, Leng could not keep his attention from the flag. With a brief prayer for rest done, he began to dig at the mound.
Under the dim glow of his lamp, Leng examined the rusted tin.
The shape and the remaining paint told him that this was not some surplus ration container. No, it was a confection tin, sometimes filled butter or chocolate cookies but almost always filled with dreams of sugar or nostalgia or sewing supplies.
The rusted lid finally came free, and Leng was surprised by the brass cleanliness of the insides.
Toys, candy, cards. The million trinkets of guileless childhood came spilling out of the container. Here was a metallic toy car , there an unlit firecracker.
Nested in the colorful cards was a marble. Leng picked up the glass orb and began to gaze at its center.
And suddenly he saw the park as it was in the sunlit years of youth.
His friends were by his side, stout Partheos and thin Rafiel. Snotty Pym and stuck-up Reilly. Beautiful, lovely Soph.
His hearing was dampened by the enchantment, his attention atrophied from the intensity of childhood remembrance, but he knew they were his sworn friends, and that they had declared with the solemnity of wooded swords and stick guns that this spot was their secret forever and ever.
Some were rich, some were poor. Some wiser, some less so. All pledged their most precious things.
Leng was glad for the fellowship, and he was sure the soldier did as well.
A cold, grey day.
The soldier sat with Soph on a bench, which had been built over the spot of their secret.
“I can’t believe the workers didn’t touch the flag.” The soldier spoke with earnest excitement, “ They must know this spot is special.”
Soph’s reply was cool and jaded, “ It’s the same kind of flag one uses for a gas main, of course they wouldn’t touch it. Are you seriously still into this stuff?”
Leng can clearly hear the saddened distance in his voice, but the soldier had not.
“Even with everyone moving on, I am glad that some token of memory still remains of our bond, holding fast with the changing times.”
“Do we...have a bond, Soph, you and me?”
Soph had stared straight ahead as she gave her answer. She would not be able to return his affections. While he had been privileged with the money and contentment to grow roots in their hometown, she was to join a merchant convoy heading up within the week. There was not enough work to be found here, nor excitement fit for a young person, whose eyes have been opened by the Aetec professors of the marvels of the starfarers.
She went on for a long time, hoping that somehow, the soldier would find their ambition and join her journey. Yet the man’s father was firm on having his son inherit his trade and shop.
In the end, all he could say was this,
“I will wait here, until everyone is ready to come home.”
Dusk, fire, smoke, pain.
The radio had long ago barked an order to retreat out of the AO, that artillery was poised for a devastating finally volley over Orthe.
The soldier ran alone, his exhaustion barely held at bay with the warmth of the first blessing given to all auxilla troops. There was still time enough for one last task.
He had joined to see the sights of the far off mountains and seas, to finally get away from his failing business and the meanness of his not-so-large town. He was sent back here for a futile defense against the damned worm-slaves.
He had crewed his weapon faithfully until his comrades either laid dead or fell back themselves. He held until the belts had become a nest of shells littered around his post. Then he detonated the charges and ran.
He was sorry for leaving the phoenix and betraying his oath, but he knew he would be more sorry if he didn’t find Soph again. He was not much of a merchant, but all merchant convoys needed guards at least, and he was no slouch in taking inventory. There was just one thing he had needed to do.
The box with the flag in the dirt needed to be taken back.
He didn’t have a good reason to go back for the stupid thing. The sooner he got out of the designated firezones, the sooner he could find his own car, start the engine, and floor it until he ran out of gas, preferably far away from any militant religious fanatics or the monstrous worms what ate their own dead. He thought about how sick he was of himself every morning he looked into the steel mirrors, to see a sallow, hollow-eyed man with the eyes of a scared boy.
With the token of his marble, he will find his way to Soph again. He will finally grow a set and learn to live, he will marry Soph, gather their friends, and settle anew together.
He had finally found the ridiculous will to really live.
The soldier made it to the park. The bench was long gone, used as a barricade elsewhere, but the flag was still untouched. Time to dig and get out.
He began digging at the dirt with his bayonet, his nearly empty rifle in his right hand.
Three wormslaves made their appearance together by the time he raised his weapon. So corrupted and lowly were these Unforgiven, that their wounds glowed a sickly yellow with their ichor-blood. Their needle cysts however, held steady on him.
“Spill this one’s blood, then we run.”
There was no way he could outgun all three.

“Look, I have a car and keys. I can drive you all out, and no blood needs to be spilled.”
The left wormslave gave a leering look of approval. They get to stay alive and split fresh meat three ways, take the deal, asswipes. He began thinking of the path that would lead them deep into a minefield laid some days ago. It would take even more time that he does not have, but artillery or explosions are better than enslavement or being devoured.
“This one lies, but not completely.” The middle wormslave rebuked the left. The soldier felt a tickle on his mind. Fucking wormie was a psychic.
“This one is going to put a round between your eyes.” The soldier sighted his rifle.
“Life for treasure.” The right wormslave said. The parasites evidently had not tempered the host’s greed. “Dig up and show us. Take us to car, live.”
The soldier’s blessing allowed him to see the psychic tulpas mingling between right and center. Fuck me, two psychic wormies.
A spark of clarity appeared in the eyes of middle and right. “Explosive traps.”
The promise of the car was the only thing keeping him alive. There was no time to torture the truth out of him, and if they fired their needle-cysts, he could well take the secret of the vehicle to the grave.
“Decide quickly, wormies.” The man mocked the three, “The barrage is coming soon, and you all look fucking exposed.”
No lie, no lie. So anxious were the wormslaves, that even he could hear their thoughts.
“Deal. Run quick, no explosions.” center and right said in unison.
Left, stupid leftie have to fuck it all up, “ Box. Treasure. Dig.”
“Dig, Dig.” Thus reminded, the wormslaves demanded.
“It’s just kids’ toys.”
“Dig.” Needle-cysts were back on him. He could take out middle, and then die a slow death to the others.
He was about to sink his bayonet into the earth again when the artillery barrage began.
Rightie disintegrated in the first blast, while center and left were thrown clear. His vision went red as he ears rang with clarion pain. He began to run for cover.
The wormslaves had the same idea, and they were not into sharing.
The first needle blast went wide, barely missing his torso. The soldier turned and fired his weapon, knocking down middle but not enough to kill.
Another needle blast blossomed near his head. He was mere feet and millennia away from sanctuary. He continued to put rounds into middle.
Then, searing, venomous pain. Left had landed a clean shot into his thigh. He emptied his service rifle into his chest in return.
Another rumble amid the deafening blasts. Graveworm. Not a large one from the sound of its approach, but the smell of gore and the noisome detonations had attracted the abomination. It would eat the wormslaves, and then him, and everything in its path until it could grow eyes to see the chaos, armor to survive the flak, and strength with which to burrow and get away.
He was a dead man with the venom in his veins. No more ammo to make a last stand.
He began to crawl towards the flag. He still had something to protect, beyond his oath, beyond his duty.
So ends the life of Adrian, in smog, fire, and pain.
By the time Leng tore free of the vision, it was past midnight.
As small a man as Adrian was, he was still far greater than this knight of Leng.
Only the marble remained unscathed. The box and the rest of its contents had crumbled into ash.
The cannymen must know her location. I will return this marble to Soph.
He felt a rumbling in the Earth.
If I live through this night.
A knight of Leng readies his rifle, and battle began in the ruins of Orthe.
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2021.12.05 14:47 ONEto10dollars Shaman Girl from Siberia

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2021.12.05 14:47 Richski16 Will you survive

Will you survive Dayz rp server PS4/5
Booster loot\heli Animal spawns Become a drug dealer Meet new people Join the pd or military Or become a criminal Factions Crime families Killfeeds Cash giveaways Server voting Active trader Sz spawn Businesses Role income Discord Economy Full spawned cars Trucks spawn with build supplies Rp with kos zones
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2021.12.05 14:47 RealFHGaming Halo: Infinite Multiplayer (Online Matches #5)

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2021.12.05 14:47 Unlicensed-Engineer Taking FE and PE in different states (FL)

Congrats to everyone who passed. And for those who didn’t, keep trying!
Any who, I took my FE in a different state. I relocated to Florida and recently took the PE for FL license. When I started to fill out my PE registration, it is mentions about FE registration in FL. Does anyone know if I have to retake the FE in FL to be licensed as a PE? Or if I can pay a FE registration fee? Thanks.
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2021.12.05 14:47 ghostoblivions Deanna on Emo Hot Ones

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2021.12.05 14:47 Ender012345 TIFU by not asking this girls phone number at the fair

Me and a couple of friends (all 17) were at a fair (Florida) yesterday and me and a friend made a bet he would give a heart to someone he liked and I would do the same, he got it lucky with someone who liked the joke and returned his heart to him I am really self councious about my looks so it took me a while to find someone, I was looking for someone who I personally liked myself and I found this amazingly cute looking girl the hole look I liked (glasses, long black hair, was just adorable) I gave her the heart kneeling down and telling her what me and my friends agreed on (I give my heart to you) after that I just kinda left and I have been regretting so badly that I didn't ask for her number it went well nothing bad but damn I just regret it badly since she was definitely someone who just looked my type vut now it's all done and I can't take it back, I could turn back time so badly.
TL;DR : I could've asked a girl I really liked her number but because I am ashamed I didn't and I regret it badly.
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2021.12.05 14:47 Embrace_The_Funk Anyone know what this may be?

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2021.12.05 14:47 Yung_Empathy Do I get glory challenge rewards when I replace heroes? Details below

Stopped playing before glory challenge got released. I have l/d e5's but all of them build before, so I didn't even got the 9* achievement yet. Now I would like to replace my 10* belrain with Russell and build him to e5 from there (got an maxed stone on belrain for some reason which I would love to keep). But im afraid I will be not get a single glory achievement then, because technically I never build a l/d 9. Is there a way to keep the stone and get the rewards other then build a different 9 l/d?
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2021.12.05 14:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati are picked for the College Football Playoff, while Notre Dame is No. 5 in the final rankings | Chicago Tribune

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2021.12.05 14:47 Leviii996 Hey. Looking for Nintendo Switch account. No scam. Middleman!

Text me:)
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2021.12.05 14:47 Defiant_Situation_43 Blessed flower rotted

Hey would anyone be able to gift me a blessed flower on ps4? I tried to save it at an Inn but rested before I put in vault. Psn: Droski_WL
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2021.12.05 14:47 TryingToSurviveLyfe I'm tired of living in my state but I don't think S.O. would move with me..

I've been ranting to a few friends online and they've all offered a place for us to stay in case we wanted to move.. I don't want to be here anymore because whenever I'm stressed out by life, I run. My boyfriend on the other hand, wants me to stay with him.. I just don't wanna be in my state anymore, I hate it here and I hate being conveniently open to babysit for my sister.
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2021.12.05 14:47 Stuart8480 Reshiram raid, add either

1913 5580 2568 or 8890 8201 3390
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2021.12.05 14:47 knowdhruv How to remove Hyundai 2022 Tucson Hybrid rear seat?

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2021.12.05 14:47 Montyyy89 [Advice] Can anyone advise me on where to purchase replacement crystals for these watches?

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2021.12.05 14:47 Alucardragoon I just finished 6.. what you all’s favorite Far Cry I should start next?

Any help on the game I start is greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.05 14:47 guacfarmer Question about the safety of laser tattoo removal

6’1, 23m Caucasian male.
I have a full sleeve that I don’t particularly like anymore, the tattoos look fine, I just feel that they no longer suit the person I have grown to be since getting them at 18.
My understanding of the process is that after the laser breaks up the ink, the particles are disposed of by the lymph system, would the particles ultimately be removed from the body through urination?
I understand that tattoo ink often contains heavy metals, is there any risk that getting tattoos removed could cause lymph system, kidney, or liver disease/damage? Thanks.
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2021.12.05 14:47 good-ass8263829 Need someone to hack Indian sc acc for free, can keep all content for yourself too, very sexy girls I know.

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2021.12.05 14:47 CranCrate gloves

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2021.12.05 14:47 ContentForager2 Broke the beta on this red climb 🤠 (/r/bouldering)

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