Russian Cream Dream Team

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2021.12.05 15:04 HitlerTheShitler Russian Cream Dream Team

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2021.12.05 15:04 paratrongatulius Halo CE - 20 Year Anniversary

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2021.12.05 15:04 BrocoliAssassin With RGB and outragous 7.1 fake surround sound how come we don't see headphones with bigger dynamic drivers ?

Seeing as everyone needs something new to sell to differentiate themselves from others, why is it that most Dynamic Drives never go over 50mm?
My ears get Tinnitus from planars but I love the huge sounded the mid-higher end planars gave me.
Is it a design limiitation? Anything past 50mm right now they havne't been able to make that plastic or whatever film they use for speakers to develop bigger ones? Guess they may be too weak?
I'm also guessing too large would make them too muddy? Since there have been some posts of 3d modeled headphones I just was wondering about this.
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2021.12.05 15:04 aeavdon Waking up every morning and reaching out to where she used to sleep just sucks lol….aahhh!!!

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2021.12.05 15:04 cmfk8 Clearing out Skellige in one go be like (PSA: don't do this to yourself and, if you want to visit every question mark, do them regularly as they appear)

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2021.12.05 15:04 Seakur The babies sitting in a curtain , looking outside

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2021.12.05 15:04 GRIMMGAMZ Hades for switch

Hey! Hope your day is going well as you read this, I was hoping somebody could maybe get me a Hades code for switch? It would mean a lot but I was hoping somebody could maybe get me a code?
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2021.12.05 15:04 Short-Negotiation-60 Can avakin put all the Christmas stuff in featured so it would be easily to find them? Would help out alot.

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2021.12.05 15:04 throwRA22960 my boyfriend was arrested for domestic assault and now i’m hating myself for calling 911

i was in an abusive relationship. now that i have left, i can see it now and fully admit it. i was in an abusive relationship. but i still love him and i want him to be okay. i know he’s not a bad person. he’s just going through a tough time.
for some context, i am 21 and he is 40. a huge age gap but it was never an issue. we got along better than most couples. his wife passed away less than a year before we started dating. he obviously wasn’t in the right mindset to start seeing other people, but neither one of us knew any better. losing his wife led to an intense alcohol addiction. it started off bad. an entire bottle of vodka a day, black out drunk at night, barely being able to look at my straight. but overtime it got better. i was helping him drink less and less and it was working! he was starting to sober up and things were great! until the pandemic hit and he quit his job.
he was previously working in a sales for a major company. he was great at it and we were living comfortably. the only issue is he hated it, so he quit and decided to make a living off of the stock market. he has a degree in economics and he is incredibly smart, so i knew it wouldn’t be a big issue, but he had to teach himself how to trade. that alone lost him a lot of money. in about a year and a half, he blew all of his money. we were broke. i hardly made enough to support us. this is where we are now.
he came up with an idea to start a discord and a website with the intention of teaching people how to trade and charge them to join. he wanted me to quit MY job and help him, full time, with no pay. i told him i couldn’t. for us. we have bills to pay. we can’t even pay rent. he applied for a new credit card just to do so. he accused me of being unsupportive and selfish. he didn’t talk to me for three days. his drinking escalated quick. up to two bottle of wine a day.
yesterday started off fine, normal. i come home from work and he’s just taking a nap, so i lay down next to him and we just start talking about the relationship, and about our future. he tells me he’s the happiest he’s been in the longest time and takes the relationship very seriously. he says he wants to grow with me and even asks if i would like to get married at some point down the road. i say yes. i have no reason not to believe any of this. i loved him and he loved me. that’s all there was to it.
i eventually get up to start cooking dinner. i start getting a little frustrated because it’s just not coming out the way it’s supposed to. my frustration is making him frustrated too and tells me he needs another bottle. he’s already had two at this point, so i really didn’t want him drinking a third one, so THAT makes me even more frustrated. he tells me if i don’t take him, he will either drive himself or just walk over to the bar and drink all night, so i figured i would just take him and get it over with. the entire ride there, he is just insulting me, calling me a bitch and how i ruined his night and he just wants to drink until he passes out. just over and over until we get back home. and then it just kept getting worse. more and more insults. he threw an empty bottle at me. he started spitting on me. i’ve had enough, so i yelled at him to leave me alone. he grabs my throat, body slams me to the ground and pins his whole body on top of me. he had one hand covering my mouth so i couldn’t scream, and the other hand tight against my throat. i thought i was going to die. he doesn’t know his own strength when he’s drunk. i thought he was going to kill me.
as soon as he got off of me, i called 911. i was worried he would have done more if he hadn’t, so i called. and within ten minutes they were there. next thing i know, they’re telling me they’re arresting him for domestic assault and my stomach drops. why do i suddenly feel so guilty? why do i suddenly regret calling the police? i shouldn’t have done that. he’s not a bad person. i know he’s not. i still love him and man, i wish i was with him right now. i wish i could tell him how sorry i am and how much i didn’t want it to go this way. i wish he knew. i wonder what’s going on in his head. maybe thinking about how much he hates me. how much he wish he had actually killed me. i hope he knows im sorry
i don’t know what im doing writing all of this out. i’m not looking for pity or for advice. i just needed to let this all out. thank you for listening
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2021.12.05 15:04 Floral_blossom Me: winter20 Them: nfr evil uni

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2021.12.05 15:04 Used-Grab-5787 Hi

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2021.12.05 15:04 fuckouttahereman Stream when u see me(prod.derrick boo) by LOVEYOUREECE

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2021.12.05 15:04 Jasmin-Mai Glitter dress for Christmas

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2021.12.05 15:04 Trans_Boy101 First post ever?

hey guys, I just got on reddit yesterday, not totally sure how it works yet, but I needed a space I don't have in my real life to see and hear from people a little like me. I'm going to have a rough two weeks at school coming up, we've got a load of projects due and finals, and I'm closeted transmasc in an all-girls catholic school. If you've got the time, I just wanted to start a little happy place in the comments section to help me out, along with anyone else who stumbles on it and needs something to brighten their day. Jot down your favorite quote, inspirational thought, or just a happy emoji. Thank you all so much for being here and being you, it really makes me feel not as alone. Have a snazzy week friends, much love :)
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2021.12.05 15:04 EmmettCastro5 Love it Christmas jeep

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2021.12.05 15:04 Hold-My-Butterbeer Character Designs for All 28 Race/Destiny Combinations

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2021.12.05 15:04 Necessary_Camera_916 Ok sorry

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2021.12.05 15:04 BConceited Help buying a Pokemon Game

I'm looking towards buying my first Pokemon game on the Switch. I have never played any other game in the series outside of Pokemon Go(Which I found myself really enjoying). I know the games are much better compared to P-GO but I'm torn between which one to go with. Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee looked really good but I'm not sure if there's a lot content wise. I hear Sword/Shield were really good but I know a new Pokemon Game just came out recently. What do you experts recommend?

P.S. Onyx is my favorite so I'd like for the game to have him in it.
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2021.12.05 15:04 orihcsro Umfrage Dezember 2021: Welche Technik schaffst du im kommenden Jahr an?

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2021.12.05 15:04 an0theraccountiguess yall wanna try self care bingo? :) youre welcome to make a square a free space if you cant do 4 in a row!

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2021.12.05 15:04 HHBossman Photoshopped my little cousin into die lit

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2021.12.05 15:04 WillCrafty2301 Having a Baby and a Puppy... Is that crazy?

Fair warning this post might be a bit long winded, I will put a TLDR at the end so feel free to skip but I'm feeling the need to get all my thoughts out about this so its going to be long. I'm looking for advice on our situation and what other people starting families and have/had pets have been through.
To start, my husband (27M) and I (26F), are expecting our first baby in the beginning of April 2022. This was unexpected lol. Not to say we hadn't talked about starting a family, but we had been planning on trying probably in 2022, but sometimes life has a different plan and the condoms are just too far away... AAANYWHOS. Near the beginning of the panorama we adopted two kitties, seemed like a good time, we were both sent home to work from home and had the chance to acclimate pets to the house. I also brought up at the time, if it would be a good time to also get a dog and work on acclimating both. We have talked about how we would love to have one, overall we think animals/pets are good for a family. I grew up with a cat, my husband grew up with MANY dogs (his mom bread Great Danes and French bulldogs). I've definitely left the decision of should we get a dog mostly to him because he knows the effort it takes to have one. He decided we shouldn't get one yet because we really weren't sure how long term the WFH situation was going to be. From his experience it's important that there is someone at home a good chunk of time if we are going to have a dog and with our jobs were we were working full 8 hour 5 days a week jobs in the office. Of course... now that WFH situation that was supposed to only be a month ended up being a year and a half and counting.
For him, it is starting to look like his job will stay fully remote or he will at least be able work a lot of days a week from home. And for me, my work will likely be remote until at least March 2022, but I do not expect that it will always be like that, I will probably have to return to the office eventually or at least some hybrid. I will be going on maternity leave in April, with which I have been blessed with about 3-4 months of paid leave.
He has been back and forth on if it truly is a good time to get a puppy and I thought this would be a good place to ask for advice.
1) If we found one to adopt soon and we had the next 4ish months to help get the dog trained and the cats used to them would that make it easier for us when we do have a baby around? Would it make things much more difficult? What if we didn't find one to adopt until closer till the baby's due date? That might be the worst option cause two crazy things overlapping and happening at once. OOOOOR what if we waited until the baby was a little bit older (closer to them being a year old) to get a dog, at that time we've been used to having a baby and the dog wouldn't have to get used to a baby being around cause they are already there? Or is the entire idea of trying to have a puppy and a baby crazy and we should just be patient and say we just need to wait until we have the kids we are going to have and they are a little more grown to have a dog? i.e. wait 6ish years down the road
2) My other concern is that the cats have been used to it being just the two of them for the last year. However, we've had a dog live with us for a week before and they honestly didn't become recluse. Sure there was definitely swatting but thats to be expected when two animals meet each other at least with cats. The fact they didn't just hide from the dog seemed to me like they would be open to the idea of their exsistance. Even when the cats met each other, it took about a month for them to get used to each other and now they are brothers. Does anyone have experience with getting a dog after having cats?
3) Finally, I have my very stupid reservations in that I care about what my family thinks. Exactly a year ago, my older sister adopted a puppy. At the time she was pregnant, had a 5yo boy and a 2yo girl. It would be way too much to get into all the reasons that it wasn't good for them but the TDLR is that it ended up not being a good decision for the puppy or their family and they had to re-home the puppy. To anyone worried, the puppy is so much happier with their new family and it had been way to much stress for my sister. Essentially, I am dreading the judgement from my mother. She is not an animal person and thinks that dogs are especially stupid and I just know if we do this now she will say "You absolutely should not have done this, I can't believe you did this after everything your sister just went through". However, I believe our situation is way more stable than my sisters and that the timing of having a dog now with our first baby (or right before our first baby) is better than when you are on your third child, trying to raise toddlers AND train a dog. But I know all my mom is going to hear is "dog" and think "you're an idiot". Given the previous year, I very much think this is going to effect her coming to help with the baby when I'm on maternity leave.
So TLDR; we have two cats and are expecting a baby April 2022, and we are debating if a dog would be a good addition to the family. My husband and I are expecting we are going to have a lot of WFH flexibility so that the dog won't be left home alone hardly at all especially with me having 3-4 months of maternity leave. Long term child care we will either do nanny or daycare for the days we are working. We would really love to add a dog to the family, but are we kidding ourselves with this timing? should we not even be considering a puppy and a baby in the house at the same time? Would it be better to adopt one now to have 4months for them to get used to things and focus on getting trained before the baby comes? Would it be better till the baby is a bit older? would it be better to be patient and wait until all kids are past the age of 4 or 5?
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2021.12.05 15:04 debkwebr REQUEST || 45 Techniques Every Counselor Should Know (3rd Ed)

Please and thank you!
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2021.12.05 15:04 Jamos1 UPVOTE! JOIN BELOW FOR AMA GIVEAWAY TODAY @5PM Join the Divine Birds NFT gaming community. And have your chance at fighting to steal other holders NFTS 🦅🦅

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2021.12.05 15:04 PredictionLog sup 12/5

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