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Detect whether input element is focused within ReactJS

Kamal Vasagiri Director of Honeywell Ventures. Previously at GE Ventures, he invested in Cloud Infrastructure and Application software. Prior to that, Kamal was an entrepreneur working on startups in the Ed-Tech and Supply Chain space and at Oracle building and scaling data analytics products. There are three edges from the vertex with the identifier of "1". Filter those three edges using the where()-step using the identifier of the vertex returned by otherV() to ensure it matches on the vertex of concern, which is the one with an identifier of "2".. Note that the same traversal will work if there are actual Vertex instances rather than just vertex identifiers. element.mount accepts either a CSS Selector (e.g., '#card-element') or a DOM element. You need to create a container DOM element to mount an Element. If the container DOM element has a label, the Element is automatically focused when its label is clicked. There are two ways to do this: Mount the instance within a <label>. I'm looking for a way to detect if a click event happened outside of a component, as described in this article. jQuery closest() is used to see if the target from a click event has the dom element as one of its parents.If there is a match the click event belongs to one of the children and is thus not considered to be outside of the component. Consistent with this, the dislocations lying within the {111] planes are long and smoothly curved without any preference for screw or edge character. The degree of solid solution strengthening depends on the type of element added, not how many elements are added. But element.closest() is now also available in all major browsers (the W3C version differs a bit from the jQuery one). Polyfills can be found here: Element.closest() Edit – 2020-05-21. In the case where you want the user to be able to click-and-drag inside the element, then release the mouse outside the element, without closing the element: Enter :focus-within. Back to my experiment with the new <dialog> element. When thinking about focus trapping, a CSS pseudo-class (also very recent in browsers) immediately came to my mind : :focus-within. If you have not heard about that before, it represents an element that has received focus or contains an element that has received focus. The MRI-guided FUS system is composed of a 1.5 MHz 8-element annular ... on human CD3γ chain to detect the presence of human T cells. ... of CAR-T cells within tumours via focused ultrasound ... Focused transducers. This device uses a single transducer element with a dish or conical-shaped sound reflector to focus the signals, in a similar manner to a reflecting telescope. This type of hydrophone can be produced from a low-cost omnidirectional type, but must be used while stationary, as the reflector impedes its movement through water. 4.2 How to add an element when change document has status other than "Created / In Development . In the standard change document transaction types, it is only allowed to add an element in the "Solution Documentation" assignment block when the change document has status “Created” (E0001) or “In Development” (E0002).

2022.01.25 13:05 code_hunter_cc Detect whether input element is focused within ReactJS

How can I detect whether an input element such as the following is currently focused within a ReactJS render function?

Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/detect-whether-input-element-is-focused-within-reactjs
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2022.01.25 13:05 Not-my-toh Sammael - Yes, Graendal, my conversation with Al'Thor went well. We have a truce.

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2022.01.25 13:05 Lockersmithy Witchfire - All Game Trailers So Far (Upcoming Horror/Dark Fantasy First Person Shooter)

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2022.01.25 13:05 autotldr AP News: S. Korea sets high of 8,000 new virus cases ahead of holiday

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea recorded more than 8,000 new coronavirus infections for the first time Tuesday as health authorities reshape the country's pandemic response to address a surge driven by the highly contagious omicron variant.
With omicron spreading more than twice as fast as the delta strain that cause the last surge, experts say new cases may exceed 10,000 this week and possibly 20,000 after the Lunar New Year's holiday break that begins this weekend and continues to next Wednesday.
To prevent a sudden explosion of infections from overwhelming hospitals and disrupting workplaces and essential services, South Korea will reduce quarantine periods, expand testing and treat more people at home.
Omicron has become the dominant variant in many countries and more easily infects those who have been vaccinated or had COVID-19 previously.
As of Tuesday, more than 85% of South Korea's more than 51 million people have been fully vaccinated.
More than 49% of the population have been administered booster shots.
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2022.01.25 13:05 lienxy69 Someone inspired me of kingdom heart x touhou. I decided to fuse keyblade and gohei stick

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2022.01.25 13:05 marciehunson brett's room (ep 9 mole hunt)

been searching for discussion on brett's room during the mole hunt episode but can't find any. there's a framed picture giving off cult-ish vibes of a bunch of men with severe haircuts in uniform without brett in it. is it just college stuff (maybe the leaders of all the groups he joined)? or is it something weirder? he also has a book on "power" ahaha. overall gives off hitler-y/cult-ish vibes, no?
sidenote: I love brett and would hate for him to be a spy or have a hidden agenda unless he later admits to it and says he grew to love the group etc. his dimwit golden retriever character is too good and believable and his backstory checks out!
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2022.01.25 13:05 ImAJuicer Play with xqc Sadge ? Play mario kart together Sadge

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2022.01.25 13:05 HOLEFIELDzoo13 What would you do?

So I'm been married (45f) for 4 years... before we got got married sex was great.. now we go month longest was a whole year. So yesterday he tells we gona try.. and we both need to engage.. what.. I have tried everything I know to help.with the issues he has with sex.. so much to the point that I changed my want of sex to be not there.. so that I won't ask him for it.. No I haven't cheated, and I haven't thought about it.. I just busy my mind with hobbies and pets.. but last night I he fell asleep at 9 and set his alarm to 11 to wake up.. ok what ever he wakes up goes to the rest room comes back to bed.. and them goes back to sleep..really... ok so I already know it's not going to happened.. yea I got upset I'm there crying in bed. And he's snoring .. them wakes up when I leave the room. I come back and now he is awak. Ask me what happened I was dumb founded.. I told him what he said about trying and blah blah blah.. he has to never to tell me he was getting ready.. I'm like what in your sleep.. yeah ok.. I just cried myself to sleep.. I don't know what to do... it's to the point that we are just roommates.. and that it... he rather watch his TV shows or play his video games .. and I spend hours out side working enclouse for my pets to keep my mind busy..
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2022.01.25 13:05 fifa255 :D

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2022.01.25 13:05 blockcreeper Looking for a title of a movie i watched

I watched a movie couple years back about a guy that would run on a Treadmill for what they called money at that time. He ran so much that he would be able to get into some kind ofAmerican idol style, performed in front of people but he wanted to kill the guy but then got famous for that specific thing and then he had his own channel anyone know the name of this movie?
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2022.01.25 13:05 gio272 22M solid and quality friends 👊🏼

looking for long term (or short term) friends to get to know!! just trying to find friends that are able to hold a conversation and don't vanish or delete a day after talking. a little about myself: I love the office/parks and rec, I play basketball, collect shoes/clothing, love nature/photography and taking pictures of life, heading towards sports medicine as my future career, i'm 420 friendly!! 🍃, and a lot more!! i'm super easy to get along with and hoping to find others with alike interests or personalities. feel free to message all welcome 👊🏼
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2022.01.25 13:05 Usednamed I'm devestated..

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2022.01.25 13:05 Luvadees I help the dead solve their own murders, these are my stories. (pt2)

Hey guys, It's Theodore again, back with an update starting off where my last post ended, as I said, I'm on a job currently. Originally I wasn't meant to be back so soon, but after the feedback I received from my last post, as well as the current predicament I find myself in, I thought it wise to keep myself occupied as I sit here waiting in my motel room. To start off with, id like to tell y'all how I receive jobs from the government, and the different types of jobs I receive. I'll receive a text on my work phone when they have a job for me, these texts consist of simply a few words, each word standing for the type of job this is as well as the pay involved. I'll start with the job types, "NU" stands for "non urgent" meaning I can choose whether I want to accept or not, If I want to accept a job or not, Ill send back a message reading simply the letter A (Accepted) or U (Unaccepted). These jobs typically consist of shooing away non dangerous cryptids such as the more passive species of Fae, maybe a small gnome problem. In other cases, it's a low risk extermination job, such as burning a nest of dogroaches (Yes, dog cockroach hybrids) or a tribe of goblins attempting to settle the area. The next type of job would be "MI" jobs, MI stands for Moderate Importance, meaning low risk, but it still could be dangerous. These jobs are typically given when an individual dangerous cryptid or a small group are settling in an area, tending to be cryptids that breed or create more of their own, such as wendigo's, rakes, mothmen, and vampires. These jobs tend to be tricky, but usually pay well, hence why I accept them the most. The final job type, are "U" jobs, standing for "urgent", these are the most dangerous types of jobs, without the option to deny or accept, they're jobs you are specifically accepted for based on your skillset, ability and resources. These jobs are typically when a large group of cryptids are settling an area, when a town/village is assaulted by dangerous cryptids, when a government experiment escapes, or when the absolute most dangerous absolutely batshit cryptids are loose out in the wild. These cryptids can either be those previously stated, or a more recent problem, a cryptid type called "Hells Angels". Named after the well known motorcycle club, they tend to be big, burly, bearded and unnaturally strong creatures akin to demons, sporting horns, dark skin, black eyes and blackened wings.
Since they only became a problem recently, we know little to nothing about hells angels except what they're here for, how they enter our world, and the threat and risk they propose to our society as a whole. They're here for one thing, and one thing only, to exterminate the human race, in the paranormal community its been speculated that the ones we've dealt with up until this point are simply scouts, sent here to assess the situation and threat posed to them by humanity should they launch a full scale assault. As for how they enter our world, they use a rift, or a portal if you will, a doorway between worlds typically manifesting in an unpopulated, secluded area such as forests, abandoned buildings and caves. I've only ever had a run in with one hells angel, and it was a challenge to defeat him to say the least. Luckily we now have machines built which can detect when and where a rift is opening, texts are sent and usually a team of detached agents such as myself are sent out to handle it, due to the fact that any common agent wouldn't stand a chance against a hells angel.
Anyways, back to it, the amount of pay is simply displayed by numbers, 1 meaning low pay, typically for NU jobs, 2 meaning moderate pay, tending to be for MI jobs, and 3 which is for U jobs. I receive these texts on my work phone which I check hourly, if I accept a job, or if its a U job, I then proceed to head out to my PO box, inside of which ill discover all of the necessary files and documents on the specific job I'm required to complete. I will then head to my lockup, grab the necessary equipment for completing the job, such as guns, my flamethrower, a crossbow, sword etc or more obscure equipment, such as those used to handle cryptids which conventional means tend to be useless against. Upon completion, I will then send a text reading "CPR" (Completed, payment required) and will then be wired my payment from an unknown source.
They say every story, even fiction has an aspect of truth to it. Whether its inspired by theories, such as faster than light travel in sci-fi, or based on actual true events or urban legends, there is always an aspect of truth. Especially in the thousands of creepypastas I've seen on this website, have you ever wondered why this is? why they are so popular? why you cant seem to escape these stories of various cryptids, or supernatural entities? It's because its real. Its all real, its believed by many, myself included that you are being drip fed these details, these depictions of paranormal creatures beyond your comprehension. And you go to sleep at night, telling yourself "Hey its only fiction, they wont get me" But is it? and wont it? the reason for all of this is because these creatures are not only present in our world, but they are abundant. Should you come across one of them, whether it be a wendigo or a gnome, its preferred that you have some idea on how to deal with these creatures.
This is why I believe my posts here haven't been taken down yet, why the government continues to allow these words to appear on your screen. You're probably cuddled up in bed on your phone reading this right now, or at your computer desk, you believe this is merely a story, a tale spun by an avid fiction writer, but is it? you are being drip fed, you are learning about the supernatural without the blanket of ignorance being lifted, this is what they want. Whether there is a creature, lurking outside your bedroom window waiting for you to fall asleep or not, I hope you enjoy my stories regardless.
Anyways, on to the series of events that have taken place over the last 24 hours, I am in shit. The reason why you are getting an update so quickly, is because there is something lurking in the forest outside of my motel as I write this. I have no internet so it may be a few hours before I'm able to post, if at all. I do not know if I'm going to survive tonight, but if you're seeing this, it means at the very least I was able to live a couple of extra hours. The story starts where it left off, yesterday after finishing my previous post, I looked at my work phone, I had received a text from my employer reading "MI2", moderate importance, moderate pay. I sent a text back reading "A", Accepted, I grab the keys to my pickup and head towards the door, planning on picking up some breakfast along the way to my PO box.
As I drove, I reflected on my previous post, thinking about what id post next, maybe a guide on how to survive the paranormal? places to avoid? accounts on different cryptids you've likely never heard of before? or should I simply post stories to keep it interesting, hope you would pick something up along the way. Deciding to do both, I started picturing the layout, and format of my next post. What I settled on is what you previously saw, and what you'll see in future posts. Maybe ill make a few posts focusing on specific topics, but they will be mostly stories. After pulling into the diner and taking my breakfast to go, I proceeded to my PO box, stepping out of my car and beginning to walk to my PO box, I felt a shiver run down my spine, my senses of intuition kicking in. Looking back, that should have been my first red flag, but I didn't take much notice as this wasn't the first time this had happened, it just meant this job would be more challenging than I currently believe it will be. Boy was that an understatement, reaching my PO box and opening it, I see the file containing the details of my next job, picking it up, and taking it back to my vehicle, I decided to sit for a while, eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee, and opening up the file.
Inside were 4 documents containing necessary info on the specific cryptid I would be hunting, things I would need to bring with me for the hunt, precautions I would need to take, and a few photographs of the cryptid. The photographs are what gained my attention first, it was quite large in proportion to the oak trees surrounding it, walking on its pale, bony front and hind legs, not a single hair on its entire body. Its eyes were a shade of black I had never seen before, it wasn't just the absence of light, it was as if the light around its face itself was being sucked into those gaping chasms as if they were black holes. Even in the photograph, the ink seemed to shimmer and distort, obscuring the rest of its features, all I could make out were those cold, black eyes. placing the photographs on the seat beside me, I began to read the files, in big bold words at the top of the page, "NAME: ANIMUS" it read. "Huh" I muttered to myself, animus is Latin for "Mind" which is a suitable name considering these creatures were famous for distorting your perception of things, they had a telepathic ability which far rivalled even my own. Commonly mistaken for shapeshifters, these creatures will make you see what they want you to see, even in photographs, while their ability did have less effect, any common man would simply see a person, a dog, or whatever the creature willed you to see.
An animus' ability works through its eyes, the moment you look into them in person, your individuality will cease to be, you will be completely at this creatures will, quite a useful ability considering they feed exclusively on humans, needing to feed a large amount before reproducing, the only way for a normal person to identify them, is from their fingernails. they are completely black. Easily mistaken for nail polish though, this is why these creatures tend to take the form of a young woman. They're made even more dangerous by the fact that they possess near humanlike intelligence, despite looking more akin to an animal than a human, you would expect them to be stupid, you would be sorely mistaken. The reason why this job is listed as moderate importance for me, is because it there was only one of them, it had taken up residence in a small motel off a highway a few miles away from me, in the middle of a large forest, a common dwelling of these creatures, considering their pale skin, they were quite vulnerable to sunlight. As for why it had taken up residence at a motel, it was likely to trick weary travellers into buying a room, and devouring them in their sleep, their favourite time to strike.
Being a detached, and considering my own telepathic abilities, I am partially immune to these creatures memetic effects, and abilities. Although they can alter my perception, and essentially shapeshift, they cannot control my actions, I can look into their eyes without being completely taken over, hence why it appeared in its natural form within the photograph to me. Now despite their bony arms and legs, their skinny frame and exposed ribcage, their skin was akin to diamond, meaning it cannot be punctured by conventional means. The only way to kill this beast would be to burn away its skin using a UV light, and puncturing its heart with silver. Reading all I needed to know, I slipped the documents and photographs back into the file, placing it in my pack, and heading to my lockup to retrieve the necessary equipment, and form my strategy.
Upon arriving at and entering my lockup, I look over my gun rack, seeing my assorted selection of weapons, some of them anomalous themselves. After carefully considering which gun I would take with me on this mission, I decide to take my SV Dragunov, a powerful sniper rifle with a few minor alterations id made, fixing a high power UV flashlight to it and retrieving some silver armour piercing rounds from my ammunition station, I wondered if maybe this was overkill, after all, this was the first animus id ever faced, but its better to be safe than sorry. Proceeding to grab my M16, also loaded with silver armour piercing rounds, I decided to grab two silver daggers as well as a nail bomb, also containing silver. after placing my daggers on my belt, my guns and bomb in my pack, I walk over to the table In the centre of the room, grabbing a half empty bottle of whiskey and taking a swig, I considered my options, what would my strategy be? after around 30 minutes of drinking and brainstorming, thinking over previous jobs of a similar nature, I landed on the idea of acting as bait.
I would head to the motel, head to the front desk acting oblivious to the creatures true nature, and buy a room. I knew there would be no other guests because at this point, authorities had already sealed off the road, this wouldn't work to my advantage, deciding to call a fellow agent embedded in the FBI, I requested that he loan me a few agents for the evening. The reason for this would be so that I could avoid the Animus being suspicious of me being the only guest for the evening, they would sleep in the rooms furthest from the front desk, while I slept in the one closest, assuring it would come to me first. These agents would be given a brief description of the cryptid we were dealing with, and be advised not to look directly into its eyes, lest they be under its complete control. The agents would be advised to stay out of it unless I desperately needed the help, but under strict orders not to engage the creature head on, simply providing cover fire for me should I fuck up, allowing me to regain the upper hand. I would lay in my bed with my m16 stashed under the covers facing the wall, and wait for the creature to enter my room, the common man would not hear it entering, since these creatures are incredibly stealthy, but with my enhanced hearing I knew I would. So upon it entering, I would jump up with my gun in hand, switch on the flashlight burning away its skin, and fire as many rounds as I could, straight into the beasts heart.
Now I know what you may be wondering, "Why not just walk into the front building and just shoot it?" Well, not only would it see this coming from a mile away, a man entering the building with an m16 in hand, but it would be able to immediately duck for cover, I needed it out in the open, in the middle of my room, and I needed to catch it by surprise. Since it has the ability to cause humans to fall into a deep slumber, an ability which luckily doesn't work on the detached, it would be expecting me to be deep in slumber. With everything prepared, and my plan fully fleshed out, I set off in my pickup towards the direction of the motel. It was a few hours trip, in which time I listened to narrations of creepypastas from this subreddit, stories from other agents, and while some of the cryptids these guys have fought without struggle, I've gotta say I wouldn't mind some of you guys at my back in a sticky situation. I could sure use a few of you here right now.
Upon arriving at the motel, I saw that my team had already arrived, an assortment of vehicles parked out front, it really just looked like a normal motel on a normal day, yet there was nothing normal about it. Yet again, a shiver ran down my spine, that same warning sign that something would go wrong, and again, I shrugged it off as jitters, after all this was my first time doing battle with an animus. Parking my pickup into a space right by the room I planned on taking, I entered the front building, swinging the door open as nonchalantly as I could, I forced a yelp back down my throat. It was as if I could feel it in the air, I could sense what it was just by being in its vicinity, while I believed this would help me later on, it still gave me goosebumps. Looking over at the front desk, I saw it, looking almost exactly like a young woman in her 20s, a rural girl, with a few noticeable differences, her nails were pure black, her brown eyes, seeming a little too dark, and an unnaturally wide toothy grin spread across her face. "Welcome to Dark oak motel! my names Mandy, how can I help you today?" she said, with a sweet voice no different to human female. This just freaked me out even further, but I kept my composure. "Yeah, hi, I'm looking for a room to spend the night. Preferably the one right outside my car there? I've got a bad back and it just makes it easier to move my bags to and from my room" I said, rubbing my back for effect. "Why sure sir! that would be room 14" she said peering over my shoulder at the placement of my vehicle, "That'll be 40 dollars for one night, how would you like to pay for this?" she said in a polite and charming voice "With cash please" I said retrieving my wallet.
After paying, she led me to my room and made sure I was all situated and then handed me the key. After she'd went back to her spot in the front building, I walked out to my car and retrieved my pack, heading back into my room and placing my weapons in their necessary spots. I decided that tonight I would sleep with my belt on, the daggers strapped to my sides accompanied by a UV flashlight, but concealed by the blanket in case I needed to get up close and personal. my M16 placed beside the bed, closest to the wall for later, when I needed to lift it into bed with me, after setting everything up, I eye up the whiskey bottle I had placed on the bedside counter, considering a drink for a second, but deciding against it as I needed to keep my wits about me. Heading out into the day, I see that by now the sun was nearing the horizon, and deciding on a dinner of snack machine foods, I head over with my wallet In hand, passing by one of my team members on my way to the snack machine, giving him a subtle nod as I passed, I decide on a bag of lays and a can of coke to be my dinner. Heading back to my room and eating my small dinner, I decide to call it a night, get some rest considering id need it. As I lay there, clutching my m16 close to my body, I felt a rush of anxiety build up in my chest, feeling that same chill down my spine id already experienced several times that day, I sigh to myself. This will be a very long night indeed.
After waiting for a few hours, watching as the light slowly disappeared from the wall, until it was almost complete darkness, only illuminated by the street lamps outside, I decide to focus on my enhanced hearing, listening. I could hear the members of my team settling down, a few tossing and turning, others brushing their teeth, one on the phone with his wife, but after a few hours, when they'd all settled, and id long since heard any noise come from the main building, that same feeling of anxiety built up in my chest again. What if something were to go wrong? however unlikely that may be, why hadn't I fleshed out a backup plan? I heard my team tossing and turning, unusual considering the animus is said to put people into a deep and still sleep once they had passed out, then I heard it. The door slowly opening, readying myself waiting to hear a footstep enter my room, so I could whip out my gun and nail the fucker, it rings out in my mind, as I jump up, switching on my flashlight and shooting the creature right in the chest, I see a look of fear and shock as the creature topples over, its long and bony body spread out across the floor, I allow myself a moment of victory, looking up at the ceiling and cheering.
Hearing a still humanlike moaning coming from the floor, I look down, and my blood runs cold. I see one of my team, one of my agents laying there, blood pooling underneath him as he takes his last breaths. Left speechless, I just stand there in a trance. Had I just murdered one of my team members? no, this had to be the animus playing tricks on me, maybe taking the form of one of my agents after it had been shot for help and sympathy, but that wouldn't explain how it hadn't changed back upon dying? then I heard a shrill shriek from the night outside followed with distorted laughter. Heading out there with my rifle at the ready, I head to the next room over from me where an agent is stationed, attempting to knock on the door I'm shocked as it opens by my touch, inside I see a pool of blood, but no body. Heading over to all of the other rooms, I see the same scene. The animus had slaughtered every single one of my agents and taken their bodies to feast on them. "You fucking bastard!" I yelled out into the night, I was met with only that same shrill laughter, that was when I realised what had happened, the agent I had shot had looked into the creatures eyes earlier that evening, he was under that things control.
He had likely told the creature everything he knew of the plan, the creature then hatching a plan of its own. Killing all of my agents, and augmenting my perception to see the agent under its control to my door, having me kill him as part of some sick fucking joke, it now knew who I am, and what I am. I don't have to explain to you why I don't want to be caught by this creature, but I will regardless, I cannot die, and I have a regeneration ability, meaning I would be a limitless supply of food for this creature and its young, unless I resign my body and pass on from this world, which I simply wont do, not while I have unfinished business in this world, I decide to run back to my room, hearing the creatures footsteps not far behind, I enter and slam the door, grabbing my UV flashlight and placing a vase over it showering the room with the violet light. This is where I still am right now, typing this out on my laptop, I still hear its shrill laughter from outside, hearing it skitter across the pavement, and what's worse is I think it has given birth.
I hear crying, akin to human babies coming from the main building, I'm preparing to make my last stand as I do not have any cell reception, and cant call in for backup, I can see the flashlight is running out of power as I type this, I doubt it will last until morning, so whatever I'm going to do, I'll have to do it right now. I cant replace the flashlight with the one from my gun, as ill need it to be able to kill this creature, so I'm simply going to gather my equipment, try to come up with a plan, and make my stand. If I survive, you'll be seeing a lot more of me on this subreddit, including a follow up story, but if I don't, it has been an honour. I hope you've enjoyed what I have written thus far, and I hope you heed my words. Cryptids exist, and you are not safe. Until next time - Theodore Colson
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2022.01.25 13:05 Gollyy 97 Aroldis Chapman FB/SPL Overlay - PitchingNinja Style

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2022.01.25 13:05 Mister_rose64 Best mode on caldera

Hi guys, I am a solo player. I was enjoying it in verdansk but quite struggling at the end cause I was in the lower end middle part of the lobby. I find caldera super boring in solo. Which game mode do you prefer on caldera? Duo,trio, quds? Or solo vs duos , solo vs trios Or other exotic mode duo vs trios for example… Thank you!!!
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2022.01.25 13:05 giovanniloddo Looking for Amp recommendation for my setup

Hi everyone!
I have recently started getting into vinyl, but I'm stuck, therefore I need your advice.
So far, I have a pair of passive Q150s and a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo turntable with a Tube Box S2 pre-amp. I'm getting lost in the world of amps, though. Any suggestion for an amp under 400€?
My main use would be music listening (mainly vinyl) and eventually movies and it's gonna be in my living room. I live in an apartment, but it's not too small of a space. I just want to play music not too loud and listen to good quality records. Only thing I could say is that I don't like my music too bassy and muddy.
Thanks :)
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2022.01.25 13:05 Lockersmithy Witchfire - All Game Trailers So Far (Upcoming Horror/Dark Fantasy First Person Shooter)

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2022.01.25 13:05 lastlatvian SNAPSHOTS: Flames earn much-needed victory with bashing of Blues

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2022.01.25 13:05 Bulok I wish I knew what this meant but all I see is "Eat more crayons"

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2022.01.25 13:05 NewsElfForEnterprise Pfizer and BioNTech have started testing an Omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccine for adults

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2022.01.25 13:05 chinkydiva EDD and elective c section

For those of you mamas who’ve had an elective, how many weeks before your estimated due date was it scheduled?
My EDD is around Aug 5.
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2022.01.25 13:05 furfagmonsterfucker I’m so hyped for this crossover event tomorrow

Legit so hyped for the collab with Natsuhiko Gyogoku event starting tomorrow it’s been an age since global had a crossover event as the bleach and demon slayer were Asian servers only … GiVe Me My VaMpIrE HuSbAnD aLrEaDy NeTeAsE… also big shout out to the devs and company for continuously updating us with fresh content and events … but I’m so f*cking ready for tomorrow it’s unreal!
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2022.01.25 13:05 AltaC4L The Ride

The Ride by Jamie Iredell (originally published in Dark Matter)
She looked east, her vision skewed, hooked by some eerie glow: the sun gleaming with spume and glinting in fire orange clouds. There she had once been, holding down a coastal household with her ex-husband, a man withheld from himself by worship. He lived his lord’s laws such that even the most sacred of matrimonial endeavors—the laying of one alongside the body of his beloved—he lingered over and log jammed, and left the woman lusting over others. Now the coast burned. She turned north, feet a plop on the hard road she trod, quick to meet what new obstacles chance might drop before her.
She had not long to wait. A driver slithered up the rise, snaking between the lines like a serpent. The man who captained the sedan skidded-stopped short of the next exit, not fifteen feet from the woman, and when he offered a ride she did not talk back but slumped into the seat. The dawn drew long, gone over to smoke brown noon and still the woman did not speak though the man talked and talked and talked.
The burning rustled on, browning the edges of the sky. Who knew how long the rust would dampen the east. The man punctuated his diatribes with questions intended to invite contribu- tion, but a collaborator he did not want. He said, I’ve driven this road a hundred times, a thousand, I’ve gone this way and there’s nothing out here, not till you get far north, figured I’d give you a lift. Where you headed? Don’t worry, I can get you there. We just cruise along you and me. Me, I’m from Almeda. You’re not hungry are you? I got a bag full of jerky if you are. Yeah, Almeda, man, shithole of a town. No wonder I never stuck around there. Always on the run. He went on and on like that and even if she’d wanted to she wouldn’t have gotten in a word.
When what looked to be a trooper pulled them over, the trooper’s voice said, Step out of the car. No face connected with the voice, only a belt. It was at this point that the woman became sure- -almost positive--that the man sitting in the driver’s seat next to her was in fact her husband, the one she had left to burn on the burning coast--or he had left her, depending on how one looked at it. She just had not recognized him at first. Had he not recognized her? Her husband was no doubt from Almeda, wasn’t he? Or was it Alameda? But her husband had never talked in such a way. He didn’t curse. Perhaps in the intervening days her husband had taken on some new personality, some transformation brought about by the burning coast.
Geese fell from the sky. They plummeted from miles above, dropped in scattered remnants of their V-formation. Some had crossed continents, passed even over high Andean peaks, to reach this moment of demise. Around the highway lay scattered carcasses, and in the kinks where the barbwire fencing had been pounded into the wooden posts feathers had caught, and elsewhere feathers fluttered in the wind. Tumblefeathers--feathers clumped together in balls--rumbled across the asphalt. The wind brought with it the heat from the east’s fires. And smoke. It stunk of burning flesh.
The man whom she thought to be her husband would not comply with the trooper, if the voice connected to the belt at the window was in fact a trooper. One could never be sure in times like these. Her husband was a voice, though she’d never known her husband to be a voice, other than his voice to his God. This man’s--her husband’s--voice complained of police injustice and racism and brutality and riots and one percent and burning and burning. But there was nothing. Nothing even indicated that the belt at the window belonged to a cop. Nothing indicated that even a cop could actually be a cop. There was only her husband’s voice, then his fist on the center of the steering wheel, the horn wailing.
When the tires squelched and a hand gripped the driver’s side window frame there was little to do but sit and watch as the fingers peeled slowly back and off and away, flailing arms, the pass- ing grass, the sky still and orange and brown. And this, also, was something her husband would never do.
Her husband/not-husband said, They been trying to stop me since Cincinatto missy-o, no no way no howoooo.
Now rattlesnakes filled the road, though most were dead, already smashed by passing vehicles. Their flattened bodies lay sprawled in the roadway like half hash marks--tiny speed-bumps. The intricate markings of their skin were beautiful, and she noted the living snakes, sunning themselves in the high sun, as it squealed through the smoke and found its way to the road where the reptiles warmed what they could of their blood. Years past one would not have found these animals in these latitudes.
Her mind, cocooned with the moss and lichens of thought about the man--her husband or not- husband--ripped from the stone of her memory. Some inching toward a worm worming its way across the few lawns left in the world. An anvil-shaped reptilian being, slithering belly-flat along the asphalt, left in its smear something of the woman’s own heart-feelings, a goo residued from lost likings now that the social platforms had all disintegrated.
They travelled on, the woman still silent, her husband/not-husband talking talking talking about nothing about everything about anything he could talk about. She thought that if this were in fact her husband she still would have left him.
The country leveled flat and lay spined with conifers, yellowed with once-blue-green grass, all spotted with encroaching sagebrush. The heat battered the heart of the car’s metal hood, knocked, breathed, and shone through the grasshopper-splattered windshield. They stopped to take on water along the remnants of a once-proud river, now merely a creek trickling through a canyon that the river had once carved, and her husband/not-husband produced a filtration device with which he pumped the chalky water clear into an old sodapop bottle. He kneeled upon the cracking mud bank to pump and he chattered on--When we get there boy you betcha they gonna be happy to see me, I got all kinds of friends up there, girlfriends, boyfriends, I’m blessed with friends, friends never abandon me I tell you what.
Girlfriends? Boyfriends? Had her husband had friends? Surely there were friends from church. But her husband had never been one to socialize yet here he was. It looked like her husband, his dark locks as familiar now as he bent beneath her while she stood over him, his mouth still running, all as he had been when he was her husband. She with the river rock poised overhead, making of herself a shadow that fell across her husband’s/not-husband’s back and shoulders. She could be sure that he was her husband. The thought had crossed her mind that she might ask. Are you, by chance, my husband? Then she thought of the absurdity of the question. There was only one way to be sure. She brought the rock down in an arc and it landed at the base of his neck with a soft thwump. When he slumped forward, into the trickle, she straddled his twitching form and raised the rock again and again, and the trickle ran chalk-pink.
Under his hair, behind his left ear, she discovered no birthmark, the birthmark that she knew her husband wore. But a birthmark could be removed, could it not? A person might remove such a thing as a birthmark should one undergo a new birth in becoming a new person, and this husband was not her husband, not the husband she’d once known. Thus the person who was once her husband could’ve been reborn as a new person who was not her husband but who resembled her husband.
She finished the water-pumping, filling the vessel her once-living husband/not-husband had procured. Mid-pump the woman startled at the scuddle of stones. Not twenty feet away a pair of wolves, their coats light grey and thinned from the weather, had lowered their muzzles to the creek, their teeth white against their curled lips and their lapping tongues. They lifted their heads to watch the woman as she continued pumping, and she did not take her eyes off the beasts. Their stomachs were round and full from the carrion on which they had gorged in this northern traversal where the dead littered road and forest both. For the wolves, the woman held no interest.
Beast and bird and woman, all bore equal burdens.
Back in her husband’s car the woman cranked the key, the engine firing, a rumble. The gas gauge read ¾ full. She hadn’t a clue as to how far that might take her. The woman, though she possessed the knowledge necessary to operate the vehicle, knew nothing of its properties. She drove. The radio hissed static. She fumbled with the temperature for the air conditioning. Did it work? It did not.
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