2022.01.25 15:00 AutoModerator Scatland

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2022.01.25 15:00 AutoModerator Daily Non-Baby Steps/Dave and Co. Discussion Thread

This is the place to discuss things Dave Ramsey related that don't revolve around the baby steps themselves. Keep it civil and be respectful to each other.
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2022.01.25 15:00 Pailindrone AMA

Use this thread to ask the mods! We will do our best to answer everything we can!
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2022.01.25 15:00 ENRTRADER Leading the Pursuit of Energy Services

Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (OEG) is a publicly traded company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value through the acquisition and development of innovative companies to create a diversified energy infrastructure services platform. OEG’s group of businesses includes, Orbital Gas Systems Inc., Orbital Power Services, Orbital Renewables, Orbital Solar Services and Eclipse Foundation Group, a subsidiary of Orbital Foundation Services.
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2022.01.25 15:00 extractserrand All Andrew Tate's Courses (High Quality)

I have all of the following Andrew Tate Courses:
Andrew Tate - Chess
Andrew Tate - How to be a G
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2022.01.25 15:00 Link15reddit good afternoon reddit

It is 12pm please help yourself to some food
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2022.01.25 15:00 Podcast_Bozo Creative Conversation Brainstorm Platform

Here's a place to just jot down your quick ideas, topics you’ve been interested in looking into, quick curious questions you want answered, anything quick!
Maybe they have merit for a long conversation, maybe not, one way to find out.
Just throw it down here and someone will hopefully try to answer!
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2022.01.25 15:00 ifindthishumerus Daily Discussion - January 25, 2022

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2022.01.25 15:00 AutoModerator It is Tuesday and you know what that means.

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2022.01.25 15:00 extractserrand Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook (High Quality)

I have Andrew Tate - Tate’s Instagram Playbook.
If you want to learn how to grow your Instagram and have more interactions Andrew Tate - Tate’s Instagram Playbook is the right choice.
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2022.01.25 15:00 JoKerR123 Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurating PSL 7

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2022.01.25 15:00 yellowumbrella How to Calculate Net Carbs - Sugar Alcohols, Keto, Total Carbs

Low-carb diets like keto and Atkins have created an increased focus on carbohydrates. While carbs themselves aren't inherently bad for you (kale, for instance, contains carbohydrates), these diets argue that too many of them is what can cause you to gain weight.
And that's why many people who try these low-carb diets focus on reducing their carb intake. Some low-carb diets even have you calculate your "net carbs. " You may have even seen these words on keto-friendly foods at the supermarket. The term "net carbs" simply means the amount of carbohydrates in a food that your body can digest and use for energy. "It's essentially the amount of carbohydrate that will have an effect on blood sugar levels. These digestible carbs are sugars and starches," says Charlotte Martin, ,
Your body converts these net carbs in two ways-stored as glycogen for energy or stored as fat. If your body needs energy in that moment-say, if you're on a long-distance run and gulp down a gel pack-those carbs will replenish your glycogen stores.
If you've consumed too many net carbs and are inactive, those carbs will go toward your fat stores, which may be used for energy later. So where net carbs go after you've consumed them depends on your overall diet and activity levels.
So what about the carbs beyond net carbs?
"The idea behind net carbs is that all carbohydrates are not treated equally by the body," says Lauren Harris-Pincus, , , author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club.
"Since fiber is (mostly) undigestible, subtracting the fiber grams from total carbohydrates will provide the amount of 'net carbs' or the digestible amount of carbohydrate in the food," Harris-Pincus says. You can also subtract grams of sugar alcohols, glycerine and allulose, as they do not provide many calories but are counted in the total carbohydrate total on the label.
As for sugar alcohols in particular, these guys act somewhat like a fiber and are incompletely absorbed and metabolized by the body, so they have little effect on blood sugar levels (yet some do more so than others), adds Martin. So . . . How Do You Calculate Net Carbs?
First, subtract all grams of fiber from the total grams of carbohydrates. Then consider the sugar alcohols in the product, if any.
Absorption rates of sugar alcohols vary, and therefore some have more of an effect on blood sugar levels than others. "For example, the popular sugar alcohol erythritol has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels, and therefore doesn't count towards net carbs," says Martin. So, in that case, you'd subtract any grams of erythritol from the total carbohydrate count as well. "To calculate net carbs for a product containing erythritol, simply subtract the grams fiber and erythritol from the number of total carbs. For example, a food product with 20 grams total carbs, 3 grams fiber, and 4 grams erythritol would contain 13 grams net carbs," Martin says.
Of note: Some sugar alcohols do count towards net carbs. "Maltitol, sorbitol, isomalt, and glycerin contribute about half a gram carbs per gram. So, you would only subtract half of their amount from the sugar alcohol equation," says Martin. "For example, if there were 4 grams of maltitol instead of erythritol in the above equation, you would only subtract 2," she explains.
Most keto product manufacturers are aware that all of this is a lot of work and therefore use only erythritol in their products. The other sugar alcohols like maltitol might be found in sugar-free or reduced-sugar versions of candies, chocolates, and ice creams. Just check the labels.
What's more, zero-calorie sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia do not contain carbs and therefore do not have an effect on blood sugar levels or contribute to net carbs, says Martin.
Why Is Calculating Net Carbs Important?
Calculating and tracking net carbs is important for those following the keto diet because consuming too many digestible carbs can prevent you from entering and/or kick you out of ketosis. Your body's preferred energy source is glucose (from carb-containing foods). When you drastically reduce your carb intake (like on the keto diet), your body is forced to start turning stored fat into ketones for fuel instead.
"The only other benefit I see to being aware of net carbs is that it forces you to be more aware of your fiber intake," says Martin. In order to calculate net carbs, you have to look at the amount of fiber on the label. And fiber, as you know, is a power nutrient.
Easy ways to increase fiber intake include adding seeds (like chia or flax) to your morning oats or smoothie, adding avocados to your meals, snacking on raspberries, and swapping some animal proteins for plant ones (plant-based proteins, like legumes, are often rich in fiber).
Is Tracking Net Carbs Healthy?
Tracking net carbs typically isn't necessary unless you're following a keto diet. "It could help with blood sugar management for those who need to control their blood sugar levels; however, it's only one piece of the blood sugar response puzzle," says Martin.
Calculating net carbs take into account the effects that protein and fat have on the blood sugar response. For instance, protein and fat help slow digestion and can therefore help lessen the blood sugar response if part of, or paired with a carb-containing food.
So it's up to you. And a calculator.
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2022.01.25 15:00 AutoModerator /r/drums weekly Q & A

Welcome to the Drummit weekly Q & A!
A place for asking any drum related questions you may have! Don't know what type of cymbals to buy, or what heads will give you the sound you're looking for? Need help deciphering that odd sticking, or reading that tricky chart? Well here's the place to ask!
Beginners and those interested in drumming are welcomed but encouraged to check the sidebar before commenting.
The thread will be refreshed weekly, for everyone's convenience. Previous week's Q&A can be found here.
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2022.01.25 15:00 AutoModerator RANT MEGATHREAD - Jan. 25, 2022

YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Use this megathread to rant, rage or vent about everything you need to get off your chest.

Other Recurring Megathreads: - Level Feedback & Ideas - Show Discussion - Looking for Players - Success Stories - Questions & Discussions
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2022.01.25 15:00 extractserrand Andrew Tate - How to be a G (Full Course)

I have Andrew Tate - How to be a G Course.
How to be a G Course is the right choice if you are looking to improve your lifestyle, your mental health and your finances.
If are interested in Andrew Tate - How to be a G Course contact me on:
Direct Message in Reddit
Skype/Email: storeaccess/@/ (remove the brackets)
Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber: +359885455257
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2022.01.25 15:00 Ghostlyhero7 Miss Fortune Fanart by Lethal Bliss

Miss Fortune Fanart by Lethal Bliss Miss fortune is a baddie so I had to draw her. See more of my work at
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2022.01.25 15:00 Jeriaska_ Ep. 1419 - Biden’s The Stupid SOB

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2022.01.25 15:00 cloverrich BRETT'S bed hair to practice because Davie504 confirmed violin is better than bass 🎻😂✨

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2022.01.25 15:00 EducationalPlay6269 In regards to the MKV being added in BF4

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2022.01.25 15:00 AdReady649 Here are a few of my zirconium pens. The barrels of the pens are zirconium. Few pens have Timascus and Damascus Steel accompaniments such as clips, caps, and plungers (pushers).

Here are a few of my zirconium pens. The barrels of the pens are zirconium. Few pens have Timascus and Damascus Steel accompaniments such as clips, caps, and plungers (pushers). submitted by AdReady649 to machinedpens [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 15:00 Jay_D826 Favorite place to get some hot wings?

Watched a few episodes of hot ones last night and now I’ve got a serious craving for some wings. Any suggestions outside of the usual Buffalo Wild Wings or wing stop?
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2022.01.25 15:00 Iestwyn Slowly starting to get back into PF2; any good third-party stuff available yet?

I loved the third party material in PF1. When last I checked, PF2 didn't have much yet. Anything good?
(I'm also desperately waiting for Kingmaker and the kingdom and mass combat rules. So excited.)
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2022.01.25 15:00 sevenhunterAMVs Love Of Kill「AMV」Hate You

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2022.01.25 15:00 Generalian Bored at work and thought... why not make a tier list for Expeditions since I mainly play that and get consistent 7 wins.

Bored at work and thought... why not make a tier list for Expeditions since I mainly play that and get consistent 7 wins. submitted by Generalian to LegendsOfRuneterra [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 15:00 BillytheMid All the discussions about lone wolf characters are helping me a lot in playing my own!

Just wanted to thank you all for talking at length about this topic the past few days, weeks, who knows anymore--but recently in any case!
I am playing my first outcast/edgy character, coming from a place where in the past I have played almost exclusively very upbeat and silly characters, with a dash of srs every now and then for flavor.
I felt like trying to play the opposite side of things, for a couple reasons. Im an improviser and wanted to see what it felt like to stop leaning on my strengths. I also wanted to make some space for others to act more silly and happy-go-lucky, since those characters kind of necessitate a foil or two in the group.
It has been extremely helpful to read all of the issues that generally come up with these types! I had a very passing knowledge of there being distaste for them in dnd, and then starting seeing threads v relevant to that curiosity.
I have really taken to heart the advice about how they don't participate with the group, making things frustrating and needlessly delaying action. Which has been pretty difficult, in a fun challenging way! With a character like this, I have to be able to justify him taking part in the group activities, which is helping me to round him out more as a person.
I really adore the notes about *why* we generally like lone wolves in other areas of media. How it is because they start there, but very necessarily change over time, providing a clear and satisfying character arc. I've had a touch or two of these kinds of moments, where other players will prod me to try and get me to open up. I tend to be cryptic or slightly miffed, but have started to commiserate more readily as our adventure is picking up speed narratively.
So yeah, just wanted to thank you all for that!! It feels like he's really fun to play while being acutely aware of the trope, and the discussion threads on it as it pertains to dnd in particular are super helpful. I care about the RP aspect more than anything personally and my god, playing a sadboi Winter Eladrin bladesinger with a sacked city, addiction to a partial-amnesia inducing drug, and a hopeless quest for revenge is SO MUCH HARDER TO PLAY that my sweet barbarian who is fascinated by magic and loves to cook for his friends. But I'm up for the challenge and you all have been quite helpful in that regard.

TL;DR: Thamks
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