So EXO's Kyungsoo and Crush just sang a beautiful duet at Park Shin Hye and Choi Taejoon's Wedding and it was so wonderful! -Now please show me clips of YOUR kpop boy/girl singing at weddings because it is now my favorite genre of preformances.

2022.01.22 13:54 waterlilyypond So EXO's Kyungsoo and Crush just sang a beautiful duet at Park Shin Hye and Choi Taejoon's Wedding and it was so wonderful! -Now please show me clips of YOUR kpop boy/girl singing at weddings because it is now my favorite genre of preformances.

So recently (a day or two back?) Park Shin Hye (actress in Heirs, Miracle in Cell No. 7) and Choi Taejoon (actor from the series Exit) got married! A beautiful wedding and the bride looked absolutely gorgeous- saw some clips of them both and they look so in love and sweet together (HE WIPED HER TEARS AFTER SHE SAID HER VOWS YALL 😭). Now an absolute stand out moment from the wedding that set my tl on fire was Kyungsoo and Crush singing the ost "Beautiful" from the Kdrama Goblin to the married couple!
And let me say- watching the video- my heart completely melted. It was so romantic and sincere and the bride and groom looked so blissful and emotional- Crush and Kyungsoo sounded heavenly and the entire setting of singing so charmingly in a wedding which is such a joyous and delightful occasion really made the inner romantic in me JUmp tf out.
So I'm really loving this genre of kpop artists singing at weddings and would love to see more clips of various artists singing so lovingly at their friends/siblings/acquaintances weddings'- I'm hoping that there might be a few different instances of this happening with other idols (I've seen a few wonderful EXO ones already while searching for more) as well cause these kinda performances are so nice 🥺- so please show off your kpop boy or girl singing at weddings.
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2022.01.22 13:54 Acutalflavor [Artisan] Actualflavor - Zonks - $20 FAP Sale

Howdy Keycap Collectors!
This morning I present you with the second sculpt from FAPS series... Say Hello to Zonks! Zonks has been getting up to trouble while waiting to be selected for one of your fine keebs! Don't miss your chance to re-home this wild one!
There are 6 custom caps available at $20 a piece.
The sale will be open for 24 hours, or until supplies last. If you are a winner you will have 24 hours to pay your invoice. Invoicing will be done through PayPal.
Zonks Images
Raffle Link
Keep up to date through IG
- Sale will be live for the next 24 hours or until supplies last (Ends: 1/23 @ 9AM PST)
- All caps are resin casted and handmade in the USA
- Fit MX Switches and most clones
- Keycaps are available as singles $20 a piece
- Ships US and international
- All purchases will be shipped within the week.
- Shipping and fulfillment will be handled through PayPal
- Winners will be first come first served and invoiced via paypal (entering does not guarantee winning)
- Winners have 24 hours to pay the invoice
- For questions and concerns contact me on Discord: Actualflavor#1754
Email: [](
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2022.01.22 13:54 randomkatrusya Can I keep my Japanese Citizenship in secret?

Hello! I'm a Japanese Citizen who's been living in New Zealand for the past 4 years (Studying Uni)
I'm going to be graduating soon and have come to love it here so I think when eligible, I'd like to apply for citizenship. The problem is, I'd also like to keep my Japanese Citizenship as all of my family is there and I feel that it keeps me grounded in my identity.
The NZ Website says: "If the other country does not allow dual citizenship, you must give up citizenship of that country"
How exactly do you "give up" your citizenship?
I've heard some people use loopholes where they renounce it in front of the government they're applying to but don't really do it in their home country so technically they're still a citizen of both.
How do you think this would work out? Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you do?
I've posted this in the Japan Subreddit as well, but I would also appreciate help and advice from the NZ perspective, thanks! :)
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2022.01.22 13:54 farcigrar It's such an interesting thing how much variation even in Christian communities there are as to WHY God created mankind. The fact we are image bearers made in His likeness which is unique to humans seems key to understanding why God made us

I really am just curious as to why He made us and have been contemplating that. I sort of think part of that is worship since the the Bible over and over talks about idolatry as a sin, so worship and loving God seem to be part of the design He made us for.
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2022.01.22 13:54 Top_Guidance_1676 What do you think about my first NFT pixel art Mr. Miyagi? KARATE KID FANS ONLY!!!

What do you think about my first NFT pixel art Mr. Miyagi? KARATE KID FANS ONLY!!!
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2022.01.22 13:54 Airsinner SuperHero Waiter Man has many powers! Art by Airsinner. Only giving 1 away today! over 1ETH

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2022.01.22 13:54 AmericanScream UK Treasury to crack down on ‘misleading’ crypto promotions

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2022.01.22 13:54 JonnyBoy89 First shots came out decent, how’s my crema?

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2022.01.22 13:54 oggyphillips Noob Hacker Pog

Streamer I watch Kills Hacker, Was very pog
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2022.01.22 13:54 Strange-Past2473 Product Design take-home assignments for a BTC startups interview?

I was wondering if anyone here had any examples of Product Design take-home assignments for a BTC startup interview?
I've been looking for some to use as practise for an interview but haven't come across many.
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2022.01.22 13:54 GlobalWFundfEP Tax on parking: UK cities to impose levy on cars in bid to cut pollution | Environment

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2022.01.22 13:54 thelwarner Joey, the Unstoppable Selfie-Taker

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2022.01.22 13:54 Poncho_libre Proud Papa

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2022.01.22 13:54 crytoloover Hướng dẫn nhận 20 token WP mạng Polygon ||Crypto Airdrops FREE

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2022.01.22 13:54 Chance_Tomorrow9355 Controle Remoto Do Portão, o botão original deu "Ruim" então peguei o botão do controle remoto da SKY.

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2022.01.22 13:54 languageinfinity Is there really any real way to systematically fix major issues in society without creating new systematic problems or worsening already existing problems?

Money and resources required to fix some major societal problem would always have to come from funds allocated to some other major services or institutions. People often advocate for social safety nets like free university or universal basic income that is proportional to a person’s living costs to combat systemic poverty, but the money and resources needed to implement this would have to be allocated from other things that might be even more important in their own unique way.
Non profits and charities are usually like a band aid that prevents governments from trying to solve the cause of the problems that the non profits and charities are combatting in the first place.
Some people argue that even if every able bodied person lived beneath their means and somehow gave the rest of their money as contributions to maintain major social programs, this would still eliminate huge “non essential” industries that people normally spend money on and would cause many people who work in these businesses to lose their money altogether.
It seems like many people who advocate and support social causes want everyone to have their cake and eat it too. As a person who would like to devote their life to the betterment of society, the only real solution I can think of to any major issue is to do nothing and hope that politicians fix the actual issue in a way that isn’t going to disturb the essential equilibriums of society.
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2022.01.22 13:54 FediBax The Ultimate Transit System for New York

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2022.01.22 13:54 balloonbottom99 how do you hide your comment history

i have nothing to hide i just dont like people seeing what i comment
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2022.01.22 13:54 Quorum1518 Other lawyers on here? What are some salary growth strategies?

Fairly young litigator working at a medium-sized firm. Good base pay (150k MCOL) and decent bonuses (start at 40k and increase annually), but a relatively low chance of achieving equity partner (only 7 equity partners out of roughly 80 lawyers).
I want to think about other possible ways to grow my salary that isn't solely reliant on grinding it out and making equity partner. I would love to hear some creative or off-the-beaten-path ideas.
I could switch to big law and increase my salary that way, but I'm personally not interested in it because of the low quality of life and the extremely low odds of establishing a long-term career there.
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2022.01.22 13:54 Framedataobsession E-reader, what does it really mean? Also specific suggestions

Starting to go deeper into reading comics/manga, and exploring traditional books too (as in, text-only)
Also starting to see the appeal of not having to carry a physical book, while also being able to read on a screen bigger than a phone.
I do not have a tablet, haven't for years. And now I hear of E-readers...
In general, what's the difference between a normal tablet and e-reader?
And while I'm at it: If I choose a tablet over an E-reader, are there any features or perks specifically good for reading I should keep in mind? Or is it really as easy as buying a tablet with a good screen, screen size, and battery life?
Sorry if the flair is wrong. Filing under buying advice since the intent is to use this knowledge to pick a device, not so much to discuss and chat.
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2022.01.22 13:54 warlordian [H] 71402 Lego Mario S4 (Multiple) [W] 71402 Lego Mario S4 Para-Biddybud

I have the following Lego Mario S4 71402:
*Bully x4 *Baby Penguin x1 *Scaredy Rat x2 *Coin Coffer x1 *Ant Trooper x1 *Stingby x1
All still in original bags. Can put together or give individual pictures on request.
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2022.01.22 13:54 Asbelsinii Duerman a los otakus

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2022.01.22 13:54 Realshotgg Had a chat with an in branch chase bank rep about the future instacart card

So i asked if the new card would use instacart points or UR, he said he's not at the liberty to discuss. I then said, "so it's instacart points isn't it" to which he replied "that wouldn't align with the goals chase has for the card"
So take this with a pinch of salt but possible UR point card?
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2022.01.22 13:54 Gotyouraging How do you deal with millia in neutral

I'm a celestial chipp player and every millia I fight always wins without much difficulty. Whenever I run at them when they're on the ground they would hit me with an jump iad Jh or they superjump away for hours. If I don't approach them they just keep jumping at the other corner of the screen waiting for me to get in range of an air dash so they jh me again. They also delay the timing of the Jh using her second airdash so 6p isn't consistent, she might also cross me up with the second airdash so 6p isn't consistent even if I know they're gonna dash again. If I'm not in range of a jh but midscreen after her super jump they fast fall to the other corner and kapel jh again to run away. Another issue I have is that if I jump above her, j2k isn't good cause she could just crouch somewhere and react with cs to punish my ass. They never approach and it feels lame as hell cause once they hit me with jh I'm put in mixup hell where I'll remain till I die. I know this sounds like a scrub post but how do you deal with this character in neutral.
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PLAGUE MARINES ATTACK.. WATER CLEANING FACILITY :) SCYTHE RAMPAGE submitted by entropictouch to Chaos40k [link] [comments]