Coming full circle (?)

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2022.01.22 14:58 papillondegar96 Coming full circle (?)

To give a brief overview of my spiritual/religious journey: I wasn't brought up in a religious household but I had been exposed to Christianity from a relatively young age (infant/primary school). In my teens I hadn't really given any thought to religion but between the ages of 17 and 19 I began exploring spirituality, looking into Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity, Demonology, Kabbalah etc. Eventually I decided to become a full fledged Catholic, I became baptised and confirmed back in September 2020 and now I'm preparing to leave behind the Church in search for a more pagan spiritual practice (reasons for which are far too complicated and somewhat still unknown to me).
How do I start again? Back when I considered myself a Pagan I explored a variety of traditions and paths; Wicca, Chaos Magick, Demonology, Kabbalah, Luciferianism, Traditional Witchcraft, Celtic Paganism Druidry... But now I'm not so sure I'm suited for theistic practices. But I'm not sure. How do I start again, with all this in mind? How do I start again knowing that I have a very minor knowledge of archetypes and naturalistic/humanist neopaganism, yet don't feel comfortable getting back into an organised religion or spiritual practice as such? (I hope this makes sense but please ask me to clarify if needed) One part of Catholicism I seem unable or uncomfortable letting go is The Blessed Mother, not do much the doctrine and dogma and misogynistic/patriarchal idea of Mary "ever virgin" but more the archetypal/symbolic nature expressed through the image of Mary...funnily enough a Kelly Ann Maddox video came up on my recommendations where she spoke about her walk with Mary as a pagan...
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2022.01.22 14:58 snapdragon529 Purrfect Outfit Island: All clothes, umbrellas (now with 2.0 content) - Saturday EST Available Sessions

This post is for CLOTHING ISLAND.
Requirements: - You must have a wand to visit and must catalog in a wand outfit. - Review required reading before commenting
It is NOT recommended to visit if you have not upgraded to 40 spaces in pockets. Please arrive with only the wand in pockets. You’ll need to demo a wand outfit to show you have a wand outfit on for entry to the island. Meet me at the island gate to demo your wand.
See island map if you’re not sure what “all” includes. Kicks items included in appropriate groups.
1.0 content takes roughly 6-7hrs to complete, 2.0 content is roughly 1hr. Most people wear down around 3-4 hours if you’re well used to cataloging. If you haven’t done a lot the 2 hr blocks are a usual stopping point.
2hr time blocks available: since requests have slowed, I’m focusing on the smaller blocks for those that want to do gap cataloging or 2.0. You can request up to two blocks for today.
2pm: - Open - Open
4pm: - Open - Open
6pm: - Open - Open
8pm: - Open - Open
Island Map
Required Reading on Glitches
I will reach out via chat with a 👋 to say hi. When you respond I will shoot over the dodo to head in. If I don’t hear from you by 15 min into your session, I’ll open up the session.
If you don’t hear from me within 5 min of session start, send me a message. I’m probably rabbit hole deep in a spreadsheet.
Subreddit Flair Requirement
How to Assign Flair on Mobile
List Management and DODO Communication
Information on Cataloging / Etiquette
Visits to catalog island are free.
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2022.01.22 14:58 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable Memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
TG :
🚀Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low
tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden
child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 A truly experienced, professional team that has shown much success in crypto!
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They will also employ antibot, anti-whale, and anti-dumping measures.
Max transaction 1% of supply 🔥
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🔥Chart :
🔥Ownership Renounced :
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2022.01.22 14:58 Herzen191 Why did my tracking not work?

I recently used tracking for the first time on something i sold and the buyer said that the tracking didn't work (they still received the item so all is good). Does anyone know what could've caused this and how to fix it?
Fyi i don't ship with depop and do my own shipping. In case this changes anything
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2022.01.22 14:58 RealLaezur Why won’t my mushroom come out? Bought him at the LFS about 5 days ago. He’s supposed to be right red. High nitrates, but currently dosing NoPox.

Why won’t my mushroom come out? Bought him at the LFS about 5 days ago. He’s supposed to be right red. High nitrates, but currently dosing NoPox. submitted by RealLaezur to ReefTank [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:58 kkamaraa What are the best and worst things to do as soon as you turn 18?

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2022.01.22 14:58 Gizardwizard69 Genesect 7229 7081 7216

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2022.01.22 14:58 Whobbeful88 Master Wang Soulmate Drawing Review - 2 Things You Must Know First

Master Wang Soulmate Drawing Review
This is by far one of the most interesting and special things I have seen in a long time, when IO saw this I knew I had to do a master wang soulmate drawing review to show off just how great he is at doing psychic drawings.
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2022.01.22 14:58 Taintfromtheinternet I’m new and need advice!

Bad advice only, please!
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2022.01.22 14:58 deepfriedm1lk Just beat pure vessel on radiant difficulty for the first time

Quite proud tbh
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2022.01.22 14:58 HanPorgo Do you want Robert Rodriguez back for season 2 ? He directed The Tragedy in Mando season 2, and Episode 1 and 3 of Book of Boba

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2022.01.22 14:58 Aguiar7 What’s the optimal level for the new green ranger? Thinking of getting him. Number of cristals if possible!

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2022.01.22 14:58 amknewisiken Kgb bitmis amk

Amına koyime skiden kgbde girdigim an gulmekten olurdum amk falan gilan banlanmaktan korkuyorduk simdi kgb dolmus saf orospu cocugu salt kapmamsi zaten falan filan simdi eskidi kadar guldurmuyo ne postlar ne seyler yeter amk
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2022.01.22 14:58 QaueldVaewn WAGMI ❤️ | Rich the Kid tweet | Soulja Boy incoming | Listed on CG and CMC 🔥 | 📢 Safemoon Tweeted About Us - Check Their Twitter And more !

WAGMI is more than a token, it’s a mantra uttered by frens, apes, and degenerates worldwide. It’s about manifesting your wildest crypto gains into reality. Buy tax — 10% redistribution Sell tax — 5% marketing — 5% development CG and CMC LISTED $ WAGMI $ WAGMI $ WAGMI $ WAGMI WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! Safemoon Tweeted about us: Coingecko: CMC: Contract : 0x780A820763BD6e26A4D9101a9cB49cA60C494FD6 PancakeSwap : LP Locked : Ownership Renounced :
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2022.01.22 14:58 thunderb1tc Does this game get better?

I'm playing as many souls-like games as I can before Elden Ring comes out and so far have finished all the ones made by fromsoft so I decided to play this one because I've heard it's just anime Dark Souls, but this game just doesn't sit right so far. The areas just mesh together and looks very similar until you get to the cathedral (where I am right now) and this is the worst area I've encountered so far. This entire area is one color and a badly designed Anor Londo copy... By far my biggest gripe is the backstabs, they just don't work at all and feel incredibly random. Sometimes I'll be directly behind an enemy tapping light attack attempting to backstab over and over, and sometimes I'll be way off to the right and somehow backstab them on accident. I really want to like this game but it doesn't feel great so far. I know that this is the code vein sub, but is the rest of the game really worth playing if I feel like this at this point in the game?
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2022.01.22 14:58 dreamsin Rodecaster pro without installing any drivers on W10

Does anybody have experience of using Rodecaster pro without installing any drivers? I would need to use it on a pretty much locked down computer with no option to install anything. Just getting a the mix in would be enough.
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2022.01.22 14:58 IND1E [USA-VA] [H] ASUS GTX 1080, GIGABYTE GTX 1070 [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Ideally I prefer to sell these together. The 1080 has been my main card while the 1070 has been in my spare computer. I recently acquired a 3060 ti so I don't have the need for the 1080 now and the 1070 has been sitting around. I prefer local. I'm in the Richmond area. TimeStamp Asking for $750 for the two cards together. I have the box for the 1080 as well. Let me know if you all have any questions.
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2022.01.22 14:58 Chris_StyleZ0929 Greatest Set Of Sonic Figures ;)

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2022.01.22 14:58 keith2301 You could not be any more clear

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2022.01.22 14:58 Adenchiz Which projected top 10 players in the upcoming draft are you willing to trade up for (giving up a future 1st,2nd round pick ect )

Think there are only 2 players I would have no issue trading up for.

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2022.01.22 14:58 jeremylang42 People been posting too much new heat lately, so here’s a sealed team pack I just rediscovered in my PC. Shout out to Franz Bread!

People been posting too much new heat lately, so here’s a sealed team pack I just rediscovered in my PC. Shout out to Franz Bread! submitted by jeremylang42 to basketballcards [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:58 Janto_2021 Netflix rebrands to take advantage of recent fuc*king

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2022.01.22 14:58 T1pple What's the stupidest thing that can run doom?

I say this both as a challenge, and as a question. Many things can run doom, but I wan to see something so outlandish and bizarre that it makes no sense.
Kids toys, a Tesla, whatever. Lemmie see the hilarity!
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2022.01.22 14:58 procryptoclass Bitcoin’s RSI is Now at the Most Oversold Level Since the March 2020 COVID Crash

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2022.01.22 14:58 GundamGuy564 Typical RPG before the Boss fight. Using all those potions at once can't be good for you.

Typical RPG before the Boss fight. Using all those potions at once can't be good for you. submitted by GundamGuy564 to gaming [link] [comments]